Monday, November 5, 2012

One Week, 3 Days

That is how long until Emma, Jared and I start the next chapter of our lives. We are so excited! The movers will be here on Wednesday to pack all our junk. Man will the house feel clean on Thursday!

Emma and I have decided that in order to get out of the house more, we will start hiking. It works out nicely because we can just tag along when Jared bikes and hike the same trails.

Jared was all for the idea. In fact, he decided to hike with us yesterday instead of biking.
What a guy :0)

He thought it was pretty cool to walk the trails he usually bikes, and Emma and I enjoyed all the things he was able to point out because he is so familiar with the trails.

It was also cool to walk on one of the trails that he worked on when they had a trail maintenance day a few weeks ago.

Well, as we get everything ready to go, I have cards ready to send out once we know our new address. If you are interested in getting a card with our Montana address, please e-mail me your address!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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  1. Yes, we want your new address. Either snail mail it or call us or email it. You know all our info. We are soooooo excited for you three. I will get over you leaving by reminding myself how lucky I was to have had this time with you all. Life moves on. Enjoy the move!
    Love, Mom/Gramma


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