Sunday, October 7, 2012

Falling Off The Wagon

I have a confession. I have been eating lots of junk lately. My main meals have still been healthy, but I have been going crazy with snacking. If we go anywhere outside of town, we have to make a trip to the gas station for a soda and a candy bar. It adds up when we go out of town a few times a week. Especially when we stop for another soda and candy bar on the way home.

If I happen to discover candy in the house, I eat it. My will power seems to have totally deserted me.

I know that most people think a couple sodas and candy bars a week isn't a big deal, but my body has other thoughts.

After being headache free for a while (talking months), I have had a headache for the past 4 days.

After months of energy filled days, I have been dragging myself around for the past week or so until today when I finally gave in and napped (I hate naps).

After months of falling asleep quickly and getting a restful nights sleep, I lay awake for HOURS, then have such crazy, busy, vivid dreams that I wake up exhausted.

So, tomorrow we are headed out of town again. Tomorrow will be my last day for soda and candy. Starting on Tuesday, I am doing another Whole 30.

I will most likely post here every day or so to share how I am doing (it helps keep me accountable  even if no one is really paying attention). I will post about what I am eating with pictures (if I can get good ones with my phone) and recipes. I also plan to start walking again (I just decided that right now), so I will post about that every day or so as well.

It's tough work, this eating healthy, but man I feel like crap when I give in to the junk!

Wish me luck, and if anyone is interested in joining me, I would love the company!

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  1. Hey, Tina I will walk with you. But I am not giving up soda or junk food yet. Maybe for Lent. I will walk at least 3 times a week. But more often would be even better! Mom


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