Monday, October 15, 2012

Movers are Scheduled

One Month!! Jared, Emma, and I leave for Montana in one month, and boy is it a busy month.

I leave for Minneapolis, MN today to pick Jared up (he was in AZ/CA playing paintball). We will get home tomorrow.

On the 26th, the three of us head back up to Minneapolis so that Emma and I can fly to NH for a bit of a visit.

Emma and I get home on November 2nd, and the movers show up to pack our stuff on the 7th.

Better get busy!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Falling Off The Wagon

I have a confession. I have been eating lots of junk lately. My main meals have still been healthy, but I have been going crazy with snacking. If we go anywhere outside of town, we have to make a trip to the gas station for a soda and a candy bar. It adds up when we go out of town a few times a week. Especially when we stop for another soda and candy bar on the way home.

If I happen to discover candy in the house, I eat it. My will power seems to have totally deserted me.

I know that most people think a couple sodas and candy bars a week isn't a big deal, but my body has other thoughts.

After being headache free for a while (talking months), I have had a headache for the past 4 days.

After months of energy filled days, I have been dragging myself around for the past week or so until today when I finally gave in and napped (I hate naps).

After months of falling asleep quickly and getting a restful nights sleep, I lay awake for HOURS, then have such crazy, busy, vivid dreams that I wake up exhausted.

So, tomorrow we are headed out of town again. Tomorrow will be my last day for soda and candy. Starting on Tuesday, I am doing another Whole 30.

I will most likely post here every day or so to share how I am doing (it helps keep me accountable  even if no one is really paying attention). I will post about what I am eating with pictures (if I can get good ones with my phone) and recipes. I also plan to start walking again (I just decided that right now), so I will post about that every day or so as well.

It's tough work, this eating healthy, but man I feel like crap when I give in to the junk!

Wish me luck, and if anyone is interested in joining me, I would love the company!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Got Them!

Just before heading to bed last night, Jared decided to check his e-mail. We got orders!!!

We now have an official date, Nov. 15th, 2012. We can leave anytime on or after the 15th, and we have to be there by the 18th. So, we plan to leave on the 15th.

I had figured that as soon as we had orders, I would be a whirlwind of activity. Nope. Emma and I spent the day working on a secret project outside for Gramma.

Don't worry, we won't keep you in suspense long. We just need to wait for Gramma to see it tomorrow before we can post it ('cause Gramma is one of the 4 people who actual reads my posts).

With the camera broken again, we don't have much for pictures, but I will leave you with this one.

This picture was taken sometime this summer with my phone. I have been taking pictures with my phone, but they really don't come out all that great.

Hope everyone is having a good day!