Tuesday, September 4, 2012

No News Can Be Bad News

So around the beginning of last week, Jared e-mailed one of the cadre back at ISU to find out if we had any orders for our upcoming move to Montana.

We waited a few days, but got no reply.

So, Jared called and was told he would get a call back. I believe that was on Thursday. Didn't get a call back, and with it being a 4 day weekend for the school, we didn't expect a call till Tuesday (today).

Not being the patient kind, Jared called again this morning. He was told to call the commander. Well, that never sounds good. So, he called the commander. He was out of the office and would call us back.

We waited, um, patiently until after lunch, then Jared called back.

Yeah, no news is not always good news. Turns out our date, which had been 1Oct12, is now 4May13. 8. MORE. MONTHS!

So, now we need to find jobs so we can pay for a house that we are not living in, and student loans that come due in a few months.

Oh, and the date could change again at any time.

I choose to look on the bright side, even though it will be tough at times. The bright side?

We have a couple that are interested in buying the house, but need to wait a few months to get financing. We are exploring the option of renting to them until they can finance (advice welcome).

Jared will get more riding time in (when he isn't working).

I have time to teach more creative classes at the Exchange here in Cresco.

We will be here when Boppa's pumpkins are ripe (LOTS of pumpkin pie and other yummy pumpkin things to be made from them).

We will be here to harvest all the other yummy veggies in our garden.

Emma gets more Gramma time and vice versa.

What's new in your world?

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