Saturday, September 1, 2012

J&T Vacation

Woohoo! Jared and I went on a 2 night vacation this past week. As always, it was a spur of the moment thing, but we finally realized that we only have Gramma for a short time. We really need to take advantage of that fact (without taking advantage of her).

So, Jared and I went to Brainerd, MN. Why there? Jared really wanted to ride the 36 miles of mountain bike trails that are at Cuyuna Lakes, MN.

Our original plan was to drive up, let him ride, then drive 2 hours back to the Twin Cities so that we could stay in La Quinta.

Then I realized that this little vacation was for me as well and I wanted to stay at a B&B. So, I searched and found this place.

Three Marigolds and One Other Flower- One of the cabins at 

Check in time is between 4pm and 6pm. After getting a bit of a late start (the B&B is 5 hours from Cresco) and stopping in Elk River, MN so that Jared can ride the trails there, we arrived at Whiteley Creek at about 5:45pm.

Adrienne was super nice. I was taken in by how calm and relaxed the place was. We got a quick tour then we got to check out our cabin.

Three Marigolds and One Other Flower- 
Picture from the website.

I wasn't with it enough to take pictures before we dumped all our junk all over the place, but I did manage to get a few on our second night there. After taking a quick look around, Jared jumped in the shower so we could go get some dinner.

Our first night we ate dinner at Prairie Bay. Jared had their "Build-a-Burger" deal (for $5 he got a burger that he could top however he wanted from their burger topping bar) and I had Duck Confit on gluten free bread. Prairie Bay had a fantastic gluten free menu, to include dessert. I got the flourless chocolate torte with raspberry panna cota. So yummy.

Jared chose to forgo dessert at the restaurant because Adrienne had made a dessert for the guest. Had I mentioned when I made the reservation that I was gluten intolerant, she would have made something I could eat, but I hadn't thought to mention it until we showed up.

I think what awaited Jared when we got back was a brownie galore type of thing with marshmallows and other yummy gooey looking things in it. Jared ended up not having one though cause he was so full from his dinner (and half of my dessert).

We did sit by the fire in the enclosed porch for a bit though. Love the smell of a camp fire.

It was a bit chilly on Monday morning so we sat down in front of the fire again to wait for breakfast.

Breakfast was AWESOME!

I didn't think to take a photo till after I had started eating. I would have just used the photo of Jared's breakfast but he had already eaten his raspberries and I didn't dare put mine on his plate for the photo. I wouldn't have gotten them back.

Breakfast was a piece of GF bread with some bok choy and an egg on top. The egg was cooked and seasoned perfectly. We had a side of lettuce salad with slivered almonds and 3 raspberries freshly picked. Oh. So. Yummy. (And filling. Jared wasn't really hungry even after riding for 2 hours!)

After breakfast, Jared headed out to ride.

Some of you may be wondering what kind of vacation it is for me if Jared spent the entire day riding. It was a wonderful vacation for me. I got to craft in peace and quite. The weather was beautiful so I got to craft outside for a while. I also got to bask in the wonderful compliments of Adrienne and her daughter. As I was crafting in the screened in porch, Adrienne came out for something and got sidetrack by my creative mess. It was fun :0)

Once Jared got back, he showered

or was that a ghost in our shower?

While the ghost showered, I took some photos of one of the things I had crafted while Jared had been gone (with the camera).


Anyway, then he relaxed for a few minutes (after all, 5 hours of mountain bike riding can tucker a person out!).

Then it was time for food! Our second night we ate here:

Jared and I split a fisherman's combo- Scallops, shrimp, and walleye. I ate the first 2, Jared had the walleye. We also got some wings as an appetizer. Everything was fantastic.

Desert that night back at Whiteley Creek was a fruit and nut bar that was gluten free. It was so good, I forgot to share mine with Jared and by the time he got back, all of the bars were gone. Oops. In my defense, Jared really doesn't like nuts so he probably wouldn't have liked it. Maybe.

Our last morning there, Jared and I went for a bit of a walk before breakfast.

   We had a grand feast (or so it seemed) for breakfast our last day there.

Pumpkin custard with pumpkin seeds and candied ginger served with a gluten free nutrient packed scone. Deliciousness. 

 Had breakfast stopped there, Jared and I would have both been satisfied. Then Adrienne walked out with this.

Gluten free steel cut oats topped with nuts, bananas, blueberries, and strawberries and sweetened with a bit of pure maple syrup. 

As you can see Jared didn't enjoy his breakfast at all. My bowl looked pretty similar.

As we packed up we took a few more photos of our room and the property.

Entry way

View from the door. The tub/shower is behind the curtain.

View from the shower corner. Jared is blocking the fireplace.

Chickens running around (they are under the flag between the bushes). 

The "girls" liked to visit with me while I was crafting at that table. It was fun watching them strut about the lawn, pecking at and eating all the bugs. I was happily surprised at the lack of mosquitoes. I am giving the credit to the chickies. 

We checked out, stopped at a few local shops in downtown Brainerd, then headed home. Jared enjoyed the trail in Elk River so much that he really wanted to stop again on the way home. 

So we did. I told him I would really like him to stage a photo of himself riding his bike. So he did. 

We had one last fun/fancy dinner (even though Jared was all dirty and sweaty, and I was just bumming around in my paint clothes) at a place called Impiana in Rochester, MN. 

Jared's meal- Yakisoba noodles. He loved them.

My meal- I had sushi. This one was called Princess Kimono. It was very yummy :0)

We had a blast, but we were glad to be heading home. Staying away from Emma that long is still hard for me, even though I know she is in great hands with Gramma. 

So, that was our fun mini vacation! Thanks Gramma for keeping Emma happy, and thanks Adrienne for keeping Jared and I happy!

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