Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Is This The One?

So, Jared got a phone call yesterday. It may be possible that we will be in Montana for Thanksgiving. Not that we are really going to hold our breaths, but this one might actually be "the one" because this time Jared had to provide some information that would be needed on our orders.

So, if this date is accurate, Jared will be entering active duty on November 15th, which means we will probably need to be in Montana around the 18th.

I am trying not to get too excited until we actually have orders.

In other news Jared fixed our camera! First up, some pictures from the garage sale (when Jared fixed the camera).

We had a great turn out for our garage sale.

Next up is a picture of the wonderfulness we have gathered from our garden. Pear drop tomatoes, Beaver Damn peppers (they are hot peppers), some larger tomatoes, a cucumber, and a few tiny pieces of broccoli. YUMMY!

I am not really a fan of the yellow tomatoes, and I haven't tried the hot peppers yet, but everything else has been very tasty.

Yesterday, we took our bikes to the park (Emma rode in her buggy). Glad to have the camera back, she took a bunch of photos, but this is my favorite.

Well, I hope Autumn has started off well for you!

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