Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I Want

Man, this could be a really long post as there are TONS of things I want. In this case, however, I plan to bore you with the details of what I (and we) want in regards to where we live once we get to Great Falls.

I want a small apartment. Like, 400-600 square feet. Jared is in agreement with this. Small apartment = smaller rent payment = paying off student loans faster. Emma isn't sold on a small apartment yet, but I think we are winning her over to the idea.

Jared and I really want to have all our loans paid off in 4 years or less. We have it mapped out and if we plan to spend $1000 a month on rent we can have everything paid off in about 7 years. If we can cut our rent almost in half, we can pay everything off earlier. 

Of course, if I got my lazy butt a job we could probably pay things off even sooner. Which brings me to the next thing I (well Emma and I) want. 

I want a small apartment over a small retail space. I want these two spaces connected by a staircase that is inside. 

Anyone want to guess why we want a small retail space?

So that Emma and I can offer creative classes as well as sell some of our creations. Emma already has the name picked out...

KaoticKrafter and Cool Breeze Creations.

Kinda catchy huh?

Anyway, that is what I want. Well, in regards to housing. Of course if I had orders, I could call the housing office at Malmstrom and start figuring out if any of this is possible...

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