Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keeping it Real

So, Emma and I were doing a fantastic job of eating whole, healthy, good-for-the-gut foods until we went to Ames for Jared's commissioning. 

Then it all went south in a hand-basket. 

We still avoid gluten, but dairy and sugar are an entirely different story. Our not so stellar choices are finally catching up to us. 

For the past week, Emma has had a stuffy/drippy nose, a scratchy throat, and a cough. It has been suggested that it's just allergies, but the symptoms are the same ones she had back in January of 2011(?) when we had been told she could go back to having dairy (we had cut dairy out in an effort to solve her constipation). Within 24 hours of reintroducing the dairy into her diet, Emma had gotten really stuffed up and was miserable for about a week.

Sounds familiar.  

I think the reason it took longer this time for the dairy to cause problems is because without the gluten, Emma's gut is healthy enough to deal with the dairy for a short while. 

But daily for over a week is too much. 

So, we are once again trying to do a better job feeding Emma foods that are healthy for her and keep her body happy. 

As for me, that's probably a post for another day. I will just say this- snickers and mt. dew should not taste so yummy. 

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