Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What I Want

Man, this could be a really long post as there are TONS of things I want. In this case, however, I plan to bore you with the details of what I (and we) want in regards to where we live once we get to Great Falls.

I want a small apartment. Like, 400-600 square feet. Jared is in agreement with this. Small apartment = smaller rent payment = paying off student loans faster. Emma isn't sold on a small apartment yet, but I think we are winning her over to the idea.

Jared and I really want to have all our loans paid off in 4 years or less. We have it mapped out and if we plan to spend $1000 a month on rent we can have everything paid off in about 7 years. If we can cut our rent almost in half, we can pay everything off earlier. 

Of course, if I got my lazy butt a job we could probably pay things off even sooner. Which brings me to the next thing I (well Emma and I) want. 

I want a small apartment over a small retail space. I want these two spaces connected by a staircase that is inside. 

Anyone want to guess why we want a small retail space?

So that Emma and I can offer creative classes as well as sell some of our creations. Emma already has the name picked out...

KaoticKrafter and Cool Breeze Creations.

Kinda catchy huh?

Anyway, that is what I want. Well, in regards to housing. Of course if I had orders, I could call the housing office at Malmstrom and start figuring out if any of this is possible...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Keeping it Real

So, Emma and I were doing a fantastic job of eating whole, healthy, good-for-the-gut foods until we went to Ames for Jared's commissioning. 

Then it all went south in a hand-basket. 

We still avoid gluten, but dairy and sugar are an entirely different story. Our not so stellar choices are finally catching up to us. 

For the past week, Emma has had a stuffy/drippy nose, a scratchy throat, and a cough. It has been suggested that it's just allergies, but the symptoms are the same ones she had back in January of 2011(?) when we had been told she could go back to having dairy (we had cut dairy out in an effort to solve her constipation). Within 24 hours of reintroducing the dairy into her diet, Emma had gotten really stuffed up and was miserable for about a week.

Sounds familiar.  

I think the reason it took longer this time for the dairy to cause problems is because without the gluten, Emma's gut is healthy enough to deal with the dairy for a short while. 

But daily for over a week is too much. 

So, we are once again trying to do a better job feeding Emma foods that are healthy for her and keep her body happy. 

As for me, that's probably a post for another day. I will just say this- snickers and mt. dew should not taste so yummy. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rarity, Strength, Courage

This have been a bit more exciting around work than anyone really wants. Sometime during the night of August 7th, someone set fire to two hay bails. One was next to Kristin's house (she is my boss), and one hay bail was in the chicken building.

Two things prevented these two small fires from causing catastrophic damage/death. The first is that the hay bail in the chicken building was next to a hose. The fire melted the hose and water then sprayed all over the burning hay. The second is that someone was out at the farm at 6am to pick up some geese to take to the state fair.

Both fires were extinguished quickly with little damage. At first we all thought it was some weird fluke (mostly because we didn't want to think someone would set those fires on purpose).

The following night left no doubt that the fires were not a fluke. Whoever started the first two fires came back, this time dousing the doors to the chicken pens with diesel fuel before trying to light the building on fire.

We think that Bess, the farm dog, and her pup, Shadow, interrupted whomever was setting the fires because not much had been lit.

Again, the fires were noticed quickly and put out before anyone or anything was killed. The damage was more substantial this time, but still manageable.

I only work there and I feel violated. I can't even begin to know what Kristin and her family are feeling. It seems that someone is specifically targeting her, which leaves her with some tough choices.

Does she give up her chicken business and hope that whoever is trying to hurt her leaves her alone? Or does she keep doing what she is doing and risk someone she loves getting hurt or killed?

Again, I can't imagine what she is going through, but I do know she is tough as nails. I offer as much support as I can, but I still feel like it isn't enough, that I should be doing more.

So I made this for her, in hopes that it helps her on those days where she could use some words of strength.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Mahatma Gandhi 

Stay strong Kristin, you will get through this.