Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rain, Rain - Don't Go Away!

We got rain today!!! We got 3 inches of rain in less then an hour.

I think the last time it rained was at the end of June, so almost 4 weeks ago. Everyone's grass has died and gardens are starting to look a bit parched.

But the biggest concern is for the farmers. They have really needed the rain. I am not sure if today's rain will end up being to little, too late, but I hope it was enough to get them by a bit longer.

We tried to take advantage of it by bringing as many containers outside to catch the rain as possible.

(Jared and Emma actually did all the work)

The small, but raging river in the back corner of the yard

Emma with her painted on pants.

The sand in the sandbox is finally soft enough to play with.

Yeah Mud!

Can you see Jared? He's camouflaged... Gortex rocks by the way. 

Calling all buckets!

It finally got to much for us so we came in. 

We are so glad to have gotten rain that we won't complain much about the 65 mph wind gusts that came with it.

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