Sunday, July 15, 2012

Buffalo Ranch Tour

On Friday, Emma, Jared, Gramma, Boppa, and I headed to Hawkeye Buffalo Ranch for a tour and to possible purchase some meat.

It turned out to be the one day that we got rain in the last weeks, though no one complained because everyone, especially the farmers, desperately needs the rain.

Anyway, the tour started with some interesting facts about buffalo (bison is the scientific name for buffalo and they are in fact the same animal), as well as a show and tell of some cool buffalo artifacts.

Really, really old bison skull.

Drum made from the hide of a buffalo

Rain, rain, please, PLEASE stay. 

A quick stop to climb on the rocks that had been deposited during the ice age.


As we were leaving, I said, "Bye, buffalo, eat ya later!" It was a groaner, but everyone thought it was funny- especially Emma.

We purchased some jerky and some steak to try and everyone loved the jerky. We also got a strip of twice smoked meat that had been dried- Emma and I devoured it. Nom Nom!

The steak was pretty tasty as well, though I wasn't feeling really well last night when I cooked it up so I didn't really eat much of it. I am looking forward to eating the left overs for dinner tonight though :0)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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