Friday, June 22, 2012

Jared Update

I realized this morning, as I was watching Jared exercise on his trainer (bicycle set up inside), that I haven't posted an update about him in a while.

All is going well. He started physical therapy 2 weeks ago. He had x-rays done last week and he found out that the bone is healing well, and all the muscles and ligaments look good. The physical therapist expects him to be cleared to do whatever he wants on July 6th.


He also found out on Wednesday that he can ride his bike again, which of course he is VERY excited about. He can't do any off road trails for a bit (he plans to wait until after he is commissioned anyway), but he is cleared to ride on the paved trails, on the street, and in the back yard (where he has a skills track set up and ready to go).

Jared has already started doing the exercises necessary to get ready for his physical fitness test. On top of the exercises give to him by the physical therapist, he has been doing sit ups, and he has been riding his trainer (which will build up his endurance). Thankfully he was in pretty good shape before he broke his clavicle, so this part shouldn't be too hard.

By law, Jared has 45 days after being cleared before he has to take the test, but if he thinks he is ready, he can waive the 45 days and take it whenever.

So, fingers crossed, he may be commissioned by the end of July!

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