Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feeding Our Faces part 1

In case anyone missed it, a while back Emma and I started following a gluten free lifestyle. We blogged about it over at Mama is Emma's Mama if you want to go back and read those posts. There are other food related posts over there as well.
Take 2

In the last few weeks (about the time we thought we had this gluten-free thing sorta figured out), I realized that I was getting headaches every time I would eat something with rice in it. For those that are not familiar with gluten-free items, rice flour is usually the #1 ingredient.

Major bummer for me.

Close to a 200 foot vertical climb.

Really, it was a major bummer for everyone because now I had to figure out how to cook all over again. For the third time (1st- when we needed to drastically cut back on sodium for Jared, 2nd-when we went gluten free, and now this).
Posing for the picture.

When desperation sets in, where do you turn? Me, I go to google. I decided to forgo all grains for a while which lead me to search for grain free recipes. Grain free recipes led me to a thing called Paleo.

There are other names for the lifestyle (because it really isn't a diet); Eating like a Caveman, Eating like our ancestors, primal eating, and more that I am sure I don't know about.
I was pretending to pick my nose for the camera. Really, I was pretending.

What does the eating part of the lifestyle consist of you wonder? Meat, veggies, some fruit, and healthy fats (nuts, certain oils, etc.).

There are a lot of no-no's in the paleo lifestyle (no dairy, no grains, no legumes-to include peanuts, no added sugar, etc.).

I am totally fine with the first two, but I struggled a bit with the thought of not eating beans (because I LOVE making crockpot chili with a bunch of different types of beans), but the reasoning behind no legumes makes sense to me, so I will go with it.

Jared had a lot of fun with the camera today. 

Here are some reasons why I like the paleo lifestyle and why it makes sense to me.

1. After reading about and experiencing first hand the effects that gluten has had on me and Emma, I can see where grains could pose a problem.

2. Eating meat, veggies, fruit, and nuts means less processed foods.

3. I feel better when those are the categories I eat from.

But really, it is so hard to know what the right "diet" is. I was just reading an article on why humans were not meant to eat meat, and so, should be vegetarians. Trying to be open minded, I read through most of the article and I realized that a lot of what the writer was saying made sense.

Reading State Quarters while waiting for Da to finish in the Subway bathroom. 

So I guess I could look into becoming a vegetarian except that I know I can't eat grains, onions, celery, or cucumbers. They all cause some sort of problem (mostly headaches). Oh, and I like eating meat :0)

Emma was in Da's seat, so he decided to get into her seat. 

Buckle Check!

Oh no. I am SO not ready for this. "Can you even see where we are going?"

This post was getting really long, so I decided to make it a multiple part post. If you are interested in finding out what our typical meals look like, and how we stock our fridge and pantry, and some of the resources we use, check back tomorrow!
Guess it's a good thing she didn't drive after all. 

p.s. I hope you enjoyed the random photos from our adventure today :0)

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