Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Coming to My Senses

Hello. My name is Tina and I have a problem.

When life looks like it might be settling down and getting a bit, well, easy, I have a tendency to throw a monkey wrench into the works.

Apparently getting a (basically full time) job, planning/setting up for a garage sale, and getting a puppy ended up being too much for me. I wasn't getting any sleep, I had zero patience with Emma, I didn't have time to get meals planned for Emma and myself (which meant Emma was living on frozen fruit and gluten free bread, and I wasn't really eating), and I couldn't tolerate much where Hawk was concerned (despite the fact that he is stinking cute!).

Oh, and we have to start planning for our move in October.

We decided that the best thing to do was to find Hawk a better home (and cut my hours back). Hawk needed a home where he would be more useful (as a guard/herding dog-not just a pet), have more space, and have a more patient owner.

This elicited lots of tears from me and Emma, for very different reasons. She wanted to keep Hawk, but once I explained to her that I felt like I was being a horrible mom to her and to Hawk, I think she understood. We were both still sad about it though.

So, on Sunday, I brought Hawk to work with me as usual and I had a heart to heart with Kristin. Yes, I cried, again. I felt like a looser, like I was ruining Hawk's life and causing him abandonment issues. Kristin truly understood and assured me that he would be fine.

When I left on Sunday I was so afraid I would see this little ball of white fur running after the car, but thankfully I didn't.

Hawk was super happy to see me on Monday though, which made me feel a bit sad. He followed me around all morning while I did my chores on the farm. That is, he followed me around until he found a comfy spot and went to sleep.

I left really early on Monday because I was EXHAUSTED! I could barely lift me arms, I was falling asleep while I was working. Everything from the past 2 weeks had finally caught up with me I guess. By 10 a.m. I was headed home. Kristin called as I was getting ready to leave to see how everything was going and to let me know that she was sick and wasn't going to come out to say 'hi' because she didn't want to get me sick.

Which I appreciated.

So, today I sent Kristin a text to see how she was feeling (I had the day off). She called to let me know she was feeling better, and to let me know that Hawk found a new home already. He is now with a family that owns something like 133 acres, 400 head of ewes (sheep), and has 4 kids 7yo and younger. Their last dog lived to be 15yo and they waited until he passed away before getting a puppy. So Hawk will be responsible for guarding and possible herding around 400 sheep. He will protect the flock and the family.

I feel like we made the right decision, that Hawk will be much happier with a farm and some critters to protect.

Kristin let me know that when the oldest son and one of his parents came out to see the pups, they were immediately drawn to Hawk because he was the most calm and well behaved. Kristin assured me that Hawks time with us was the reason for that.

Which I also appreciated.

The family may even keep his name. They like it and he responds to it fairly well.

So while we were all sad that we were not the best choice for Hawk, we are happy that we made the right decision to let Hawk have the chance to find a better home. Despite the fact that we had Hawk for less then 2 weeks, he taught me a lot. Puppies really are like babies. It's important to nap when they nap so that you have the patience to work with them when they are awake. He also taught me not to bite off more than I can che.

Thank you Hawk, for making our lives richer in just 2 short weeks of having known you. We wish you a long and happy life doing what you were meant to be doing.

Until we are ready for another dog, meet Pepper. Soft, snuggle, doesn't bite, eats very little, and never has to pee or poop. And best of all, he sleeps through the night.

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