Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Throwing Flowers

This past week has been really busy on so many levels. We are trying to get settled in at Gramma and Boppa's, I am trying to get our eating situated again (moving threw a monkey wrench into everything and both Emma and I were feeling the effects of eating foods that our body doesn't tolerate), and we were preparing for a wedding. Auntie Sara and Uncle Rich's wedding.

Saturday was the big day. Emma and I didn't have a ton of responsibilities, but being the flower girl (and the mother of the flower girl) meant that we did have some. I was also suppose to be a personal attendant, but I kinda failed on that end cause I have no idea how to do make up and, well, that apparently was what I was needed for.

Sorry Sara!

Lucky for Sara she had another attendant and a handful of bride's maids so she was well taken care of. I kept busy running around after Emma and her cousin Logan (who's mama was a bride's maid).

Anyway, here are some pictures from the wedding, which was beautiful.

 We don't believe in separate clothes for playing and special occasions :)

 After about 2 hours of photos (and playing) Emma was already pretty tired. This was her staring off into space while contemplating her upcoming duties as flower girl.

We didn't get any pictures of Emma throwing (or in her case chucking) flowers, but I believe the photographer did so we will have to wait for those.

The flower petals in Emma's basket were from bouquets of flowers that Uncle Rich had given to Auntie Sara throughout the year, as well as flowers collected by Emma from Gramma's garden. Emma loved collecting the flowers and adding the petals to the salt for drying.

This picture was taken by Logan (he just turned 3). He did a great job the entire day, even though he was really overwhelmed and kept missing his mama.

Here is Emma saying hello to the Percheron horses that were in charge of getting the wedding party from the lake to the expo building where the reception was being held.

The wedding party on there way to the reception. Emma had a blast on the ride, even though she couldn't really see the horses much.

 And the reception. We brought a cooler of food for me and Emma (you know, gluten/dairy/etc. free). Once the food was done, the real party began. Our plan was to stay until just after 8 (because that would be an hour past Emma's bed time). We didn't end up leaving till 9:20 because we all were having a great time. Emma danced a TON and ran around just as much. She made a few new friends and just had a great time. She really wanted to stay till the end, but staying up till Midnight is a once a year occasion. Once we got home we realized we hadn't gone for our daily walk and it was a beautiful night so off we went. Emma is NEVER up/outside that late so it was a real treat. She got to see fireflies and stars. Thankfully once we got into bed, she was out pretty quickly. She eve slept in an hour the next morning!

Congratulations Sara and Rich and cheers to many, many happy years together!

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