Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meet Hawk

I can hear what most of you are probably thinking, and no, we were not in the market for a new dog. But at the same time, we have all wanted another chance to raise a happy, healthy, well adjusted canine (yes, by 'we' I really mean me). As I mentioned yesterday, I really feel like I failed Icky and I would love to make up for the mistakes we made with him.

So anyway, we were not looking for a new dog, but the circumstances to which we came to this point make me feel like it is the right decision.

The puppies are part Great Pyrenees (mama), and part Australian Cattle Dog (blue healer specifically). 

Bessie and her pups

Jared and I talked about it a lot yesterday, we talked to his parents about it last night (because we are living in their house after all).

While no one was over-joyed at the idea, everyone was open to it. I told Jared and my in-laws that I would find out if I could take the dog to work with me (which means he would only be at the house 3ish days a week).

Not only would bringing him to work with me be good for the carpet and sanity of the people at the house, bringing the pup to work with me would be great for him. Four months of learning directly from his mama (a working farm dog), as well as 2 other dogs. He will learn proper dog behavior, dog manners, and how to be part of a pack. He will get tons of exercise, and he gets to hang out with me all day.

When Emma and I went to work today (that sounds funny, but we enjoyed it), we talked to Kristen about being able to take the pup to work and she was excited about the idea. She also mentioned that if we wanted to, until he was ready to go home with us, we could bring him into the shop with us while we are working so he can get to know us and so that Emma can play with him.


So, we figured the hardest part would be figuring out which pup would join our family.

Out of the 7 pups, only one was a girl and she was spoken for.

Three of the pups have longer coats like there mama, which we know we would not want to have to brush out as often as would be necessary.

(The pup in the way back is the longer haired dog)

One pup has a medium coat, but we decided to focus on the two pups with the shorter coats. The look almost identical, with funky little white patches on their foreheads in the shape of a heart, and a brown spot on their back, close to their tails.

One we dubbed "Mohawk" because he has a streak of white fur coming out of his heart, where the other pup has a thin line from his. The other way we are able to tell them a part is that Mohawk's spot on his back is farther from his tail, while the other pup's is right at the base of his tail.

We spent a lot of time today playing with the pups, trying to figure out which of the two we might be more interested in.

Turns out both pups happily came to use when we encouraged them to, but Mohawk was less nippy and jumpy when he got to us. He would sit and let Emma pet him, and aside from the occasional boot chewing, he mostly kept his teeth off. The other pup wasn't really bad, but he had no problem climbing in Emma's lap, and he was a little more mouthy.

So, we tentatively reserved Mohawk. We let Kristen know that we wanted to watch both pups over the next week or so and she was happy to hear that. Once mama Bessie is ok with it, Emma and I will probably take the pups with us into the workshop, one at a time, to see how they do.

Although, if today was any indication, we will most likely be bringing Mohawk home with us on June 11th.

After some discussion, we have shortened the name, so this may be a bit preemptive, but

Meet Hawk :)

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