Friday, May 4, 2012

Goal: Day 28 and 29 Complete - Boxes and a Jared Update

One day to go till I meet my goal of walking around the block everyday for 30 days!

My next goal is mostly more of the same, only because our next couple of days/weeks are going to be crazy enough without trying to add in some new exercise. My goal is to shoot for 20 minutes of walking each day (but at a minimum around the block) and add in 5 push ups/sit ups on alternate days.

Again, nothing drastic or physically draining, but I have enough going on to drain me physically. Like packing boxes and hauling them around.

Phew. That's tough work! We have made some serious progress but I really feel like I am soooo far behind.

We have some awesome friends coming by to help us load the trailer tomorrow. The trailer that my awesome father-in-law is driving down to us tomorrow. Which he took 2 days off of work to do.

Thanks Boppa!

My mother-in-law came down yesterday so that we didn't have to drag Emma to Jared's follow up appointment for his shoulder this morning (more on that in a minute). Since Gramma has been down here, she has kept Emma happy with lots of outside time and lots of attention, she has done all of my dishes, helped pack, swept, walked with Emma to the post office and the library, and overall has been a great big help.

Thanks Gramma!

Jared's shoulder is healing well. He was given the o.k. to start VERY light physical therapy- basically raising his arm out to the side and out in front of him till he feels discomfort, then stopping. As soon as he is at 60 degrees he can start going to actual physical therapy. He is at about 40 degrees right now.

Well, I think that about catches everyone up to date.

So excited to complete my goal and empty out my house!

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