Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goal: 30 Days Completed!

Yeah, I walked every day for 30 days! I am so excited that I actually managed to meet my goal. I have really enjoyed my walks, especially the ones that Emma and Jared accompanied me on. We even had Gramma walk with us the on day 29.

I had meant to take a picture of our last walk, but with all the craziness of trying to get stuff ready to load into the trailer yesterday, I completely forgot.

Speaking (writing?) of the trailer, I think for the next week or so I will just continue with the walking around the block and skip the push ups and sit ups. I am SOOOO sore from moving boxes and furniture yesterday that I could barely lift my arms this morning. I figure it isn't going to get much better because tomorrow I will be unloading the trailer and starting on Monday, I will be paining and doing repairs around the house. That will be plenty enough exercise without adding more.

But, the house is mostly pack thanks to the help of our awesome friends.

Thank you to the Desiree, Lane, Patrick, and Bill. There is no way we could have gotten all that stuff loaded without your help.

Thank you so much to Boppa for driving 3 hours, loading for a few hours, then driving another 3 hours. We appreciate all your help.

Thank you Gramma for being on kid duty. It made it so much easier to get things packed knowing someone was keeping the kids entertained and out of harms way. I loved watching you reading to the kids outside under the maple tree :)

There is still a bit of work for me to do in the house, but I hope that by this time next week the house is on the market.

Hope everyone has a great day, I am off to pack a bit more stuff!

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