Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Have a Goal

I am kinda tired of being out of shape, though I really lack the motivation and desire to figure out what types of exercises make me happy.

Until I figure out what exercise strikes my fancy, I have decided to follow the recommendations on ZenHabits, specifically step 1, which basically says to start small and do it everyday for thirty days. Stick with the simple until it becomes habit and slowly increase either duration or intensity (not both) a little at a time.

Oh, another key to success is to document each and every days activities. Preferably to many people who can help you stay on track, encourage, and motivate me when I am having a hard time.

So, my goal is to walk around the block. Every. Single. Day. Oh, and I plan to make Emma walk with me. Mean Mama.

Considering the trip around the block only takes 8 minutes, I don't think I will be turned into CPS, though she may feel like I am torturing her.

Today was Day 1.

Walk around the block completed. Jared even documented it.

Thanks Jared :)

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