Friday, April 13, 2012

Goal: Day 9 Complete- Clavicle Update

We woke up this morning to a very WINDY, cold, and rainy day. After getting Jared ready and off to school, Emma and I stopped for some veggies at the co-op, then some ketchup and gas (at $.16 off per gallon!) from the grocery store.

To home then, and right from the car to our walk around the block (there was a break in the rain). Yeah for day 9!

So, to update everyone on Jared's clavicle. Our initial concern when Jared broke his clavicle was, obviously, his shoulder. Our second concern was what impact Jared's broken clavicle would have on commissioning.

Our worst fear was that the AF would say, "have a nice life!" What we expected was that Jared would have to wait till December to commission with the next graduating class. We figured if that was the case, it would be possible that he would end up with a different job and a different base.

So, we stressed over it, imagining all kinds of not so wanted outcomes, until he had his appointment with the Cadre yesterday.

Turns out, as soon as he is off of medical status, he has 45 days to get in shape and pass the fitness test. Once the fitness test is passed, he will be commissioned withing 30 days.

So, if all goes well, he should be commissioned sometime in June. It all hinges on how well his clavicle heals.

Hears hoping things heal quickly!

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