Thursday, April 12, 2012

Goal: Day 8 Complete- Healing Smoothies

Stress sucks. Well, the bad kind of stress sucks.

But going for a walk around the block makes it a little better :)

We started making healing smoothies on Tuesday, after getting the ok from Jared's doctor. We use our basic green smoothie (which are not always green), but we started adding magnesium, as well as a supplement called Bone Strength. I will slowly swap out the spinach with other greens in his smoothie, as spinach can bind with calcium making it harder for the body to absorb.

Jared has cut caffeine completely out (he hasn't had any since Sunday which is pretty big for him) and he has cut down on red meat and processed foods. All three have been shown to have a negative impact (a small one) on calcium absorption or retention.

And really, we want him to heal as quickly as possible.

We also try to ice his shoulder regularly (though it's hard for him to do when he is at school). I made up two rice ice/heat packs as well as a comfrey poultice ice pack. Comfrey is an herb, also known as knitbone, that has been used throughout history to help heal bruises as well as broken bones, and many other things. There is controversy about ingesting comfrey, but we don't have plans for Jared to consume any comfrey, so no worries there.

Jared wears a "figure of eight" brace to help keep his shoulders in place, but it is uncomfortable. Seeing as he has to wear it for the next 6 weeks or so, I am trying to figure out if I can make him something a little more comfortable.

As I was searching for info on making a brace, I ran across this website with some stories from people who have broken their clavicles. Hope this helps someone else!

Time to get something done around the house!

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