Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Goal: Day 7 Complete and Lego Sculptures

Emma and I walked around the block this morning. It was pretty chilly again, but nice to be out.

We also parked at the free parking lot to walk to the library, which is about a 5-10 minute walk (depending on how many shinny things we see along the way).

Oh, and we stopped at Reiman Gardens after we dropped Da off at school (poor guy-I will write an update soon). Emma and I had only planned to be there for a few minutes- enough time to check on the mama and da geese that live in the pond there. Last time we visited, we sat by the little pond and drew the geese. The mama was sitting on a nest of eggs, so we kinda want to keep an eye on them so we can see the babies soon after they hatch.

The other big thing Emma likes to do there is climb up the hill with the rocks. I like to sit at the top and watch her :)

While we were at Reiman Gardens today, the staff was setting up their new exhibit. Lego sculptures. We say a Lego lawn mower, bumble bee, fox and rabbit (the poor rabbit was being stalked by the fox). I promised Emma we could go back in a few days to look for all of them. If you have never seen a life size Lego sculpture, you are missing out.

Anyway, thanks for reading about my daily walks and what not. I am excited to have reached 7 days and look forward to hitting the 30 day mark!

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