Saturday, April 28, 2012

Goal: Day 24 Complete - Busy Day!

We had quite the eventful walk this morning, followed by a fun and busy day. I am so glad I slept in till almost 10...

We had Millet Porridge again this morning. We changed it up a bit so here is the amended recipe. 

Millet and Apple Porridge 
(2 large servings)
1/2 c millet
1c water
1/2 - 1 apple per person chopped into bite sized pieces
4tbsp honey (or more to taste)
4tsp cinnamon (or more to taste)
3tbsp chopped walnuts

1. Rinse millet in fine mesh strainer, then add millet and water to a pot. 
2. Bring millet and water to a boil, cover, reduce to low heat. cook undisturbed for 25 minutes
3. Once millet has cooked, remove from heat, leave cover let sit for 5 minutes
4. Chop apples and place into bowls (Emma could easily have eaten an entire apple with her millet).
5. Top apples with 1/2 millet, 2tbsp honey and 2tsp cinnamon for each bowl. 
6. Stir and enjoy!

Emma prefers it if I heat her apples a bit. I have been throwing her bowl in the microwave, but I think the next time I make it, I might just toss all the ingredients into the pot once the millet is cooked and heat it a bit that way. 

We left for our walk shortly after breakfast. Not even 2 minutes into our walk we notice a bird in someones front garden acting all strange, like he had crashed into the flowers and couldn't get away no matter how hard he flapped. We walked closer just to see if it would fly away, but it couldn't. It's foot was caught in some string which was wound around the plant it kept crashing into. 

Emma and I ran home, grabbed her little scissors and ran (yes, Emma pointed out I shouldn't be running with scissors) back to rescue the bird. 

We snipped the string (which turned out to be dental floss) and the bird flew into a tree. 

Mission Complete! We are true animal rescuers now and Diego would be proud of us :)

So, we finished out walk, grabbed a few things, then headed off for the Farm Cruise. We visited 3 different farms, all pretty close to us (2 were in Nevada) and made some new friends. The first farm was a small farm of mostly veggies. We got to plant an egg carton garden. This is were we met our new friends. A mom, dad, and their 3yo daughter, N. Emma and N became fast friends while playing in the dirt in the nice warm hoop house while all the adults chatted about farming. 

Once it was time to leave, N, got really upset because she wasn't done playing with Emma. We made plans to meet up at the next farm. 

And the next farm was The Berry Patch Farm. We have been picking our own fruit here for the last 3 years and we are going to miss it when we move to Cresco. So... we bought a blueberry and raspberry plant :) This way we can have a little of the farm with us. We also discovered that the blueberries will grow just fine in a large pot, so we may even take it with us when we move to Montana. I am not sure yet though. We might just have to make plans to visit Cresco every raspberry and blueberry season. 

We also met up with our new friends again which both Emma and N enjoyed.  After buying the raspberry plant, 4 things of strawberries, and some peach and pear jelly, we headed to the last farm on the cruise, The Cory's Family Farm, where we met up with our friends one last time.

Here we got to meet free range chickens - 
E- "Mama, those chickens are all over the place!"
M- "Yup, those are free range chickens."
E- "What does that mean?"
M- "That they run all over the yard."
E- "Cool!"

We had a lamb burger and a beef burger. Emma preferred the lamb burger but both were very tasty. 

Then we got to check out the lambs and cows :) Lots of cute baby lambs running around. We even got to pet some three day old goats and peek at some lambs that had been born this morning. So cool. 

Emma and N enjoyed playing with the kids who live on the farm, climbing on the hay bales, chasing the chickens, searching for feathers, and checking out all the cool animals. 

It was a really great day, and I love that Emma actually knew a lot about where her food comes from. 


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