Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goal: Day 21 and 22 Complete- Talking About Food

We got our walk in yesterday and packed a few boxes as well!

We walked around the block today, but didn't stop when we got back to the house. We walked into town to pick up a pill crusher at the pharmacy.

Packing sucks, especially when motivation is in short supply. We have gotten a lot done, but it doesn't feel like. It seems I get the choice of doing dishes and laundry, or packing. I am not talented enough to get all of them done in one day.

So, the dishes have been neglected. Did you know that some dishes are made from rabbits? It's the only thing I can think when I blink and my dirty dishes have doubled.

Lucky for me I am okay with not being Super Woman. In fact, I am so far from Super Woman that I managed to finish reading a good book today (instead of mowing the lawn or doing the dishes).

The book I finished was "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver. The book tells the story of how their family spent a year of eating locally (with the exception of a very few things; coffee, flour, spices). The also ate within the season, meaning no fresh fruit until summer, and mostly meat and potatoes in the winter. The raised their own turkeys for meat (and for future turkeys), as well as chickens for eggs and meat. The grew a large portion of their own fruits and vegetables.

I really enjoyed the book. There was more humor then doom and gloom, although the author is very realistic about where the trend is heading in our country in regards to food.

Like I mentioned the other day, I try my hardest to not push my beliefs onto others, so I won't go into major detail, but I do have two points that I feel are really important.

Purchasing just a few of your everyday items from a local source (within 100 to 200 miles) will make a big difference in the fate of our food economy.

Organic foods (fruits, veggies, and grass fed meats) have more nutritional value and do less harm to the earth and to the human body.

How can you incorporate local, organic items into your diet?

Look into a CSA (community supported agriculture). With a CSA, you purchase a share of a local farm, and they provide you with some of their bounty throughout the growing season. Local Harvest is a good place to start when looking for a CSA. Jared, Emma, and I participate in a CSA not last summer, but the summer before and we loved it. As we were new to it, we decided to just get a fruit share from the local pick-your-own farm in our town. We LOVED getting fresh fruits each week and we enjoyed supporting a local farm.

If you are not interested in signing up for a share, another great option is a local Farmer's Market. Local Harvest can also help you find farmers markets near you. We enjoy going to the farmers market and plan to make it a more regularly occurring event this coming summer. Typically the people at the stands are the farmers themselves, or someone who works at the farm. The selection of fruits and veggies is amazing, and the tests of fresh fruits and veggies is so much better then from the grocery store. If you see something interesting, but have no idea what it is, ask. The people at farmers markets are passionate about their produce and are happy to help newbies with recipes and other info.

Another thought is to request that your grocery store carry locally produced foods (meats, produce, dairy items, etc).

And the one that I hope to embrace the most this summer is growing my own food. One of the best things (among the big long list of awesome things) of living with Gramma and Boppa this summer is that we will have the space and sunshine required to grow a decent amount of food for ourselves. Tomatoes, beans, lettuce, kale, chard, spinach, squash, pumpkins, radishes, onions, and oh so much more. If we get everything into the ground in time, I hope to grow enough that we can freeze and can some of our produce for use during the winter.

And if your crazy like me, you can even toy with the idea of raising your own chickens, turkeys, or other animals for meat (and eggs in the case of the chickens). I will do this someday, but not likely this summer. My in-laws can only be expected to tolerate so much from me after all.

Well, I think I have kept you here reading this long enough. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

Have a great day!

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