Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Goal: Day 20 Complete

Two-thirds of the way to my goal! With just 10 days left, I will meet my goal next Friday, which is our packing/moving/good-bye party.

We haven't sent out official invitations, but if you are in the area and are not really busy, we would love some help loading our stuff into the trailer. We start loading around noon, May 4th. We will have pizza and other goodies out for people to snack on as they get hungry. We really only need help with the big stuff (couch, dressers, t.v., etc) which won't take long if we have a few capable people helping out.

Jared insists he can help carry the couch. With one hand. I kinda laughed at him.

Anyway, our walk today was nice and the weather is beautiful.

The weather was beautiful today because we had plans to stay inside and get some packing done. We spent pretty much all morning packing, so now Emma and I are getting our computer fixes and then we plan to walk over to the park.

I hope everyone's day is as beautiful as ours!

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