Monday, April 23, 2012

Goal: Day 18 and 19 Complete- Love My Man

When you post everyday, it gets a little hard to come up with interesting things to write about. Especially if you don't do a whole lot, and you are trying really hard not to cram all your thoughts and philosophies onto others. 

So, I didn't post yesterday, but Emma and I did go for our walk. Jared didn't come with us as he was working on his last test he needed to take in purist of his BS. 

Yes, it will now be even funnier when we tell people he has a BS in BS because at least half of it is true. 

His actual degree will be a Bachelor of Science in History with a minor in Military Studies. 

I can't even begin to put into words how proud I am of him. To stick with something he hated (yes, he hated school with a capital H), for 4+ years so that he can provide a better life for us (while I got to do whatever I wanted) really amazes me. 

I better get my but in gear because once he retires, it's my turn to carry the torch for the family!

I guess even Jared would have to admit that it wasn't all torture. He really enjoyed the POW/MIA runs each year he participated (and he plans to participate this next September if we are not in Montana).

The cadets and cadre at the Iowa Statehouse before the POW/MIA run September 2011 

Jared carrying the flag while running- September 2011

There was paintball more years then not. The type of paintball he played while at ISU (tournament) was a lot different than the type he played when we lived in AZ (more recreational and role palying), but it was still paintball and for the most part, still a lot of fun. 

Team photo from his first year playing (2008-2009)

Jared in action

He really enjoyed some of his classes (anthropology), and really hated others (mostly the gen eds). He kinda wishes he could go back and change his major all because of a 1 credit class he took this last semester. If he could start over (and I remind him that there is no law against getting a second degree), he would study Kinesiology.  

Would go nicely with the Food and Nutrition degree I start working on this summer, don't you think?

It wasn't easy, these last 4+ years. We went through a really rough patch, as I think all married couples do throughout their lives, but we worked together to get through it. And I am proud of both of us for that. 

We struggled with living within our means (which at times was really tough, but at other times surprisingly easy). We learned to be frugal and thirfty, which I will always be grateful for. We learned to make do with what we have (though to be honest, we could have been better about it) and we learned that splurging occasionally was ok. 

We also learned that buying a camper was a really bad idea. 

We thoroughly enjoyed being so close to Gramma, Boppa, Auntie Sara and all the other family on Jared's side.
Really old picture from 2009 or 2010

 We did our best not to take advantage of them, but man has it been hard! They have been better to us then we deserve. At least we have a few more months (possible a year) to try to make up for it.

Watching Emma grow these last 4+ years has been amazing. Having Jared home (as opposed to deployed or TDY) to share this growing time made it even better. I have loved watching Emma and Jared's relationship grow as they both became more comfortable with the other. Overhearing their conversations always makes me smile, as do all of their ridiculously stupid jokes, their "repeat after me" games, and their tickle fights. 

It has also been nice to have him home when Emma and I have had enough of each other. She gets to hang out with Da while I get to go away for a little while. If some of the attitude over the last 4 years is any indication, I would imagine Jared looks forward to long deployments during the teen years :)

More to come...

Oh, Emma and I also walked today. 

11 more days and we will have reached our goal!

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