Saturday, April 21, 2012

Goal: Day 17 Complete

Another rainy day here. I think the weather is starting to mess with my head.

Or it could be that I need to pack up my house if we are going to get it on the market the week after Jared graduates. By myself.

Whichever the case, I was feeling VERY overwhelmed this morning. To the point that I climbed back into bed and laid there for almost an hour trying to figure out where I should start with the whole packing/house prep thing.

Thankfully before I was overwhelmed, we did manage to go for our walk. Jared went with us, and Emma and I wore our huaraches. My feet were chilly, but I love the way it feels walking "barefoot." Emma loves them too :)

Well, I am off to waste a bit of time on the internet, then I will try to get something accomplished in the house.


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