Thursday, February 23, 2012

Montana Update

So, we found out yesterday that Jared may not enter active duty until after December 31st. By law, the Air Force has to have a job for him within 365 days of when he graduates, but until then, we can just float in the wind.
In all fairness, there are so many things that go into placing a newly commissioned officer (or anyone for that matter). Trying to organize and schedule so many different parts that are constantly shifting and moving...I am so glad that isn't my job.

With Dec 31st being the latest date, we are making plans to move back to Cresco once Jared is graduated. He will have enough of his G.I Bill to take one more semester, and what better time to start working on his masters (that is unofficially required if he hopes to progress in the ranks).
I am thinking that I should also take advantage of this time and take a few more classes myself.
What is Emma going to be doing, do you wonder?

Playing with Gramma of course!

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