Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Getting Closer

So much going on, so little time for blogging. I should probably be doing homework right now, but I have decided to actually write a bit instead.

We found out what Jared's job will be when he is back in the Air Force. Munition and Missiles Maintenance Officer (21M). Not his first choice, but it was his second. No one (by no one, I mean the cadre) is really sure why he didn't get his first choice considering his past experience and the fact that he is in the top of his ROTC class and all, but such is the way with the Air Force. They put you where they need you.

That being said, Jared, Emma, and I are working on our base preference list. It isn't due until the 24th of October, but we really want to get it turned in so we can stop stressing over it.

Here is our list as of yesterday.

Vandenberg AFB, California. Located on the coast, like literally on the coast. The base has private beaches :)
Spangdahlem ABS, Germany. We have some friends who will be over their soon, and we think it might be fun to try living over seas.

The rest are all bases that we wouldn't mind going to, but no one is calling out to us more than the others.

Malmstrom AFB, Montana
Hill AFB, Utah
F E Warren AFB, Wyoming

The last slot is sort of a toss up. The original list we had to choose from included 3 bases that are not on the list we are currently working off of. The list we are currently working from tells us how many 21M positions each base has. So we have decided to put one of those 3 bases in the 6th slot just in case.

Davis-Monthan (DM) happens to be one of those bases. DM is where we want to retire too, so we are a bit concerned that it isn't on the list. We have plans however, so it isn't that bit of a deal at the moment.

Anyway, if you know anything about any of the locations that we have listed, please feel free to share!

We hope to know where we will be stationed some time before Christmas, but we don't plan to hold our breath.

Thanks and have a great day!