Monday, May 16, 2011

1 year and counting

We have one year left in Iowa. Next May, Jared graduates and then we will be off into the world again, at the whim of the Air Force.

We can't wait.

In preparation for the move, we had a Realtor come by and give us the low down on what needs to be done.

About what we expected, so that was good.

We started with a fun project. Jared would argue with the fun part, but I really think it makes our yard look better already. I, of course, forgot to take pictures of the before, although...

I did take these a few days ago to try to get pictures of the vinyl record bird bath.

Anyway, the above pictures show what our front garden looked like this morning. We originally started with one little circle of flowers (that actually started as a fire pit in 2009), then expanded that the following year (2010) to this. I wanted to use sticks as the edging to give it a more natural look, but it turned out to be a big pain for mowing and such.

I still think it looks cool, but potential buyers might disagree. I will save that for when I am out in the country.

Wait, who am I kidding, when I live in the country, I want a meadow instead of a lawn.

Anyway, this is what our new front garden looked like immediately after completion.
From the front step

Left side of the garden

Right side (I know, the garbage can just adds to the charm)

Whole garden from the right side

Whole garden from the left side. 

I am super happy about with they way it turned out :)

The best part about our garden is that of all the plants currently residing there, we have only purchased, I think, 2. Everything else came from my mother-in-law, or my neighbors. Can't beat free.

In fact, we might have to make a trip to Gramma's soon just so we can raid her garden to fill out ours :)