Friday, October 29, 2010

Lots of Crafty Fun but no Pictures :(

NH is bad for my cameras.

When Emma and I came to NH in June for a visit, our 6 month old camera died on us after just a few days. We replaced it once we got home, but I didn't like the new one, so we resorted to using my very first digital camera (the one I had given to Emma). Before we left the old camera was working well so we decided to take it to NH with us (and I couldn't find the charger for the new one).

Once we got to NH, I tried taking pictures, only to realize that the camera eats batteries like crazy. Fully charged batteries only last a few pictures before the camera shuts off.

Oh, and my sisters camera finally died also.

So, we have been doing lots of fun and cool things, but we do not have any pictures to show for it.
I guess that is not entirely true because I have taken some with my camera phone, but I have no idea how to get them from my phone to the computer without it costing me an arm and a leg.

(After writing this entire post I realized that without pictures to post, I 'talk' too much)

Enough complaining and on to the good stuff.

Peanut butter play-dough:
We are still enjoying the first batch. I keep it in the fridge and use it to bribe my youngest nephew to put his pee in the potty ("Bear, if you keep your undies dry and tell Auntie Tina when you have to go potty, I will give you some peanut butter play-dough."). It works pretty well when I remember to ask him if he needs to use the bathroom... Sometimes I get caught up in my crafting and he gets caught up in the imaginary games he and Emma play together, and, well, accidents happen.

Thrifted/ unloved clothing:
I have fallen back into love with unwanted and unloved clothing. My sister recently when through the kids closets as well as her own, so I have PILES of clothes to play with. All of her kids are boys, so I am finding it a little difficult to make stuff for Emma. Not really that big a deal either because a lot of the clothes fit her as is and look stinking cute on her.

Yes I let my daughter wear boys clothes. A lot of them are more comfy then girls clothes. And these where free :)

I have managed to find a few great pieces of girls/woman's clothes to remake for Emma. I took a bright pink tank top with ruffles and adjusted it to fit Emma as a dress. Then I found these really cute Capri tights with some gathering and bling at the end that I turned into sleeves on the dress.

Ok, I could really use a camera right now. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Anyway, the dress came out cute. Onto a short description of some of the other things we have been up to.

Hand Tree:
Not to long ago I came across this blog post Mod Podged Hand Tree. I really loved how they looked, so we tried it out here. The did turn out nice, but once again, I have no camera to prove it.
I actually ended up with a TON of leaves left over, so I am thinking of making one myself :)

Tie Dye:
We tied died tonight. I love to tie dye. I always manage to make a big mess, but the results are always worth it. The hardest part is waiting the recommended 6-8 hours before washing and wearing. Right now I am still using the store bought pre-packaged stuff, but eventually I would love to try natural dying. Might have to plan my garden to include some plants that make good dye.

Halloween Costumes:
I convinced my sister to make her youngest sons costume and to let the older boys make their own costumes this year. And of course, I made most of Emma's. She wanted to be a cowgirl again, so we found some cute fabric to turn into a twirly skirt, and refitted one of my sisters shirts to fit Emma. We brought Emma's cowgirl boots, and my sister had some left over novelty cowboy hats from a Country Karaoke Birthday Party a few years back. Oh, and Emma wants to wear the black sequin vest to go with it. My little Rock Star Cowgirl.

My youngest nephew (2) wanted to be Henry from Thomas the Train. A couple of diaper boxes, some green poster board, and a computer printed picture of Henry's face, and that costume is done and super cute!
The older two boys (10 and 7) are dressing up as rock star/zombie type things. Lots of ripped denim and red paint. The boys got a kick out of ripping and slashing perfectly good thrifted pants. We also made colored hair gel because the boys want their hair to look cool. A little bit of cheap gel and some food coloring makes for some really cool, funky colored hair!

*(the food coloring/food dye does stain a little though. If that doesn't bother you, then have fun!)*

We also dabbled with making our own face paint. We kinda liked the results, but didn't get it mastered so my sister plans to just stick with the stuff we bought at the store. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Big sister (and her hubby) needed costumes for a party they went to last weekend. Her friend lent them some cave people costumes. We decided Wilma and Fred would be much cooler. I took a pair of white pants my sister had but had never worn and turned them into a Wilma dress. Came out pretty nice too! She got lots of compliments, which made me smile.

And for my costume. Me, my sister, and my sisters sister-in-law (confused?) are throwing a Halloween party tomorrow night (they are actually throwing the party, I am just the crafty adviser). Originally I was going to dress up as a Madame (you know, the kind that runs a brothel). My BIL was going as an escort, and my sister was going as a John. I realized that I would be explaining my costume all night (because all it really was was a fancy dress). If I am going to have to explain myself all night, I would rather be interesting and original. So I am going as...
The Incredible Crafter!!!
I will be wearing:
-running tights I made for myself out of cashmere sweaters
-a to-large-but-fitted-by-me-for-me t-shirt that I have tie dyed
-a wool light pink and dark pink striped mini skirt (made from another sweater, and basically just to cover my butt)
-a small cape (anything bigger might get caught on a rocket or in the engine of an airplane)
a crafting tool belt. Yup, a tool belt made from the waist band of an old pair of jeans with pockets from other random pants sewn onto it. I will be carrying safety pins, buttons, thread, needles, a glue gun (with extra glue), tape measure, scissors, seam ripper, and anything else I can think of craft related that will fit on my belt.

Yes I will look like a dork, but that is who I am, a crafty dork :0) It is the one night a year when I can let my alter ego come out...

Anyway, I have also made a blanket from denim squares, with the edges of the blanket made up of white squares (cut from a martial arts uniform) painted by Emma. I love it. Super warm and cozy.

We have actually done non crafty things.
We went hiking a few weekends ago, and that was awesome. I LOVE this time of year in NH. I have taken Emma and the boys on walks through the woods that surround my sisters house. We have read books, and run circles around the central staircase in the house. The driveway is covered in chalk drawings, and the swings have seen a lot of action. Balls have been thrown-kicked-bounced, bikes have been ridden, dirt has been dug. We have watched bugs, found caterpillars, brushed dogs, made hair/grass nests, and climbed all over the furniture.

We even attended a game night where the adults played board games and the kids played and watched movies till late into the night. Emma was very excited about this because, "I have always wanted to stay up till the middle of the night!" As I carried my mostly sleeping child into the house that night she asked me, "Is it the middle of the night yet?" It sure is kiddo, it sure is.

Sorry for not having a pictures to go with my post. I hope to make it to the store tomorrow to get new batteries. I hope I just need to replace my old rechargeables, and not that I need to get yet another new camera. If all goes well, I will have pictures of almost everything to add by the end of the week.

I hope you all have a safe and fantastic Halloween!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peanut Butter Play-dough

One of the blogs I follow is Crafting a Green World, and this is where I discovered the peanut butter play-dough recipe. We all love it. Almost tastes like peanut butter fudge.
We used:

2c powdered sugar
1c creamy peanut butter
1/2c honey

It takes a bit for the powder to get mixed into the peanut butter and prevent it from sticking to everything, but it is worth the work.

I did discover that it keeps well in the fridge (and tastes better too).

Some fun things to do would be let your kids (or you) play with the play dough making small sculptures, cookie cutter cut outs, letters, numbers, etc., then placing them in the fridge for a quick treat later. The play-dough is rich, so you may want to stay with small pieces for a treat.

Hope you all have fun with this, we plan to make up another batch just before Halloween for party snacks :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn in NH

Emma and I are having fun in NH. The fall colors are truly beautiful. It is so crazy that I haven't spent an Autumn here in NH in almost 11 years.

Don't get me wrong, Autumn in Iowa is pretty also, but nothing beats the foliage in the Northeast. We hope to get into the mountains this weekend so we can immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature.

We will also continue to collect lots of fallen treasures :) There is a nice simple trail close to Amber's house that Emma, Tucker, and I have had a few fun adventures on. Every time we venture into the woods, we find better and cooler leaves, sticks, acorns, and rocks.

And now we have binoculars.

Emma really wants to get back into the woods so she can try out here binoculars.

Onto some of the fun things we have been doing since we have been here:

Body Art

Making Play dough (I even made edible peanut butter play-dough. Yummy!)

Singing and Dancing (while dressed like a rock star)

There are many other things that we have done but just didn't get around to taking pictures of.

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Autumn!