Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Adventures, Part 2: The Beach

I love the ocean.

Of all the times Emma and I have traveled to NH, this was the first time that Emma was able to play in the ocean and on the beach. She has been in the car when we have driven by it a few times, but she was either asleep, or it was way to cold to stop.

So, I was super excited for her first visit to the ocean. So excited that I managed to forget to bring my camera. Yeah, pretty smart, I know.

Emma and I arrived in NH on Thursday, June, 24th, around 3pm. Amber and the boys where in the pool. Emma and I were so glad to be done traveling that we went straight from the car to the pool. Looking for a bathing suit was too much of a hassle, so we went in with our clothes on. Sometimes, those are the best times.

Our first night at Amber's was nice and relaxing. We swam till we were done, then had a nice dinner, played, then went to bed.

But the next day, that was a good day. We packed the kids up pretty early, and headed to the beach. I wasn't sure how Emma would do. Up till this point Emma never really seemed to like water.

Boy did she prove me wrong during our visit.

Our first trip to the ocean, the water was COLD!!! Emma liked to stand on the edge of the water and let it run over her toes. The water was so cold though, that it made my feet ache, so we really didn't swim all that much. Emma and the boys had a blast playing in the sand.

We stayed for a few hours and it was great. We did learn that going to the beach on a Friday in the summer just leads to a PACKED beach.

Our second trip to the beach was a very impromptu trip. On July 5th, Jeremy (my brother-in-law), got his appointments done early for the day and called to let us know he wanted to go to the beach. So, we packed up boys and girls, chairs, and toys, then headed for the beach. We knew it was going to be crazy at the beach, after all it was the Monday after a holiday weekend. The beach was crowded, but we found a spot.

The water was much warmer this trip. We actually got to swim and Emma got to jump waves (jumping waves and diving into them is much more fun when you are smaller). She loved it! Her other favorite things to do were to fill her bucket up with water and make mud.

The kids had a blast playing in the sand.

We all thought it was hilarious when Blake got pooped on by a sea gull.

Everyone had fun playing in the water too.

Even with all the people, it was still a great day at the beach.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Adventures, Part 1

Ahh, it is good to be home. A little quiet though because Jared doesn't get home till tomorrow and Emma decided she wanted to stay at Gramma and Boppa's till tomorrow morning.

While Icky has been reacquainting himself with the couch, I have been trying to organize and clean a bit. It is so hard to do when I have the t.v. all to myself and no one to interrupt me while I am on the computer :)

I am not sure where to start for our vacation, so I think I will just jump in and start with the events that stand out the most.

The Tooth Incident:
It was Tuesday, July 6th. We had a nice relaxing day of doing not much of anything. Amber and I had been out at the pool with my nephews, Blake (10), Greggory (7), Tucker (22mo), and Emma. Amber had to be to church in a bit, so she headed in to get ready, took Tucker with her. I stayed outside so that Blake, Greggory, and Emma could swim for a few more minutes. A huge horsefly decided to start bothering the kids, so they all wanted to get out of the pool and go in side. Blake and Greggory grabbed towels and dried off a bit, I wrapped Emma up in a towel (arms tucked in) then told the kids to head inside while I cleaned up our things.

My back was turned to the steps, but as soon as I heard a thud, I whipped around. Emma had tripped going up the last step. I knew before she started screaming that she had to have gotten hurt. Her arms where inside the towel so she had no way to stop her face from hitting the ground. I scooped her up and rushed inside. I wanted to be able to sit her on the counter so I could see her face. I was so focused on getting her to the kitchen that it took a couple of seconds before I realized that Emma was scream, "BLOOD, BLOOD, BLOOD" at the top of her lungs. I looked down and her mouth was bleeding and there was a trail of blood down my arm where her head had been laying.

My heart rate jumped a bit, but I sat Emma on the counter and said to her, "It's ok, your ok, you just cut your lip." Amber had come running when she heard Emma screaming. She leaned over and whispered to me, "Tina, she is missing a tooth." I gotta tell you I almost lost it. I took a very big shaky breath, let it out, then got myself together.

"Ok, Emma, your ok. You lost a tooth, but it will be ok." Amber went to find the tooth while I mopped up blood. I gave Emma a wet paper towel to put in her mouth, then grabbed an ice pack. Her top lip was already swelling, and she just kept oozing blood. I quickly realized that the ice pack was not going to really work. I grabbed a freeze pop instead. Amber had found the tooth and she put it in a container with milk (apparently that keeps the tooth healthy in case they can put the tooth back in). Amber started gathering up her boys so we could all head to the hospital.

At this point I am standing in the kitchen, Amber is making phone calls (trying to figure out if we should go to a dentist or urgent care), and I am dripping water all over the floor. I ask Blake to go grab me some dry clothes and while I quickly change Emma out of her wet bathing suit.

Emma is actually doing fairly well at this point. She is crying and upset, but she is cooperating and keeping her cool. The ice pop seemed to help with the pain. As gross as it sounds, she was swallowing most of the blood, so there wasn't as much to see. Seeing the blood is what made her the most upset.

We all piled into the car and headed over to the urgent care that is about 10 minutes from Amber's place. We got checked in right away, then waited in the waiting room till it was our turn. Emma had run out of ice pop, and energy. She fell asleep on my shoulder. That creating some new worry for me and I asked the lady at the desk if it was ok for her to be asleep. I mean, she had just fallen and smashed her face into the deck. I was worried about concussion. A nurse came out and looked at her real quick. "As long as you can wake her up and she knows who you are, then she is ok to sleep." So, Amber woke her up a bit, then we let her sleep.

We spent a few hours at the hospital. My brother-in-law, Jeremy, came by to pick up the boys, then Amber came and hung out with Emma and me in our little room. After Emma woke up, we told stories about riding horses to pass the time. The doctor told us he would like to take x-rays to make sure all was good. Emma looked at me and said, "X-rays don't hurt." She had just watched a Curious George where George had broken his leg and had to have x-rays. Thank you George. Everything looked good, no fractures or anything. Emma even got to see her x-rays.

After we had finally gotten back to Amber's and we where having smoothie and scrambled eggs (thanks Uncle Jeremy for making the eggs) for dinner, Emma starting making funny noises. I looked at her and asked if she was ok.
E- "I'm laughing!"
M- relieved sigh, "What are you laughing about?"
E- "My lip feels funny, and where my tooth is missing feels funny too."
M- "Really?"
E- "I wish you had a fat lip so you could feel it too!"

I just laughed. I was so glad that she was doing ok. Now she tells me she wished she lost the other front tooth also so she could have an even goofier smile. Gotta love kids.
The morning after.
A few days later.

We did have a lot of good times on our trip, but I will have to tell you about those later. I have been on the computer for too long. Now it is time to get back to cleaning and organizing.

Hope you all are having a great summer!!