Sunday, April 25, 2010

Horse Lesson #3

Emma and I love going to Wheeler Stables. Everything about our visits just rocks. When we first get there (if I manage to not be late), Emma loves to start out by swinging on the rubber horse swing (which I hope to remember to take a picture of next time).

Each lesson starts out the same, which is basically how most riders/horse owners would start out there days anyway, we groom the horses.

This week we got to take care of Willy the pony. We do a modified version of grooming the horses (Paige makes sure the horses are good-to-go before we even get there). We brush the horses for a few minutes, then we move on to Emma's favorite part, picking the hooves.

After that we head into the barn where the riding arena is. With my ankle still healing, Paige takes care of Emma for me. She helps Emma onto the horse and does all the teaching while leading Emma around. This week we worked some more on turning the horses, as well as keeping our heels down, backs straight, and other basic stuff.

The super exciting part of this week? Emma got to trot!

The picture isn't that great, but what do you want from a gimp? You can tell they are moving pretty good though by the way Willy's mane is blowing in the breeze.

After spending almost 30 minutes in the saddle, the girls where ready for a break. We had snacks and chatted, then it was time to learn about horse medical care. Paige taught the girls how to bandage a wound on the horses legs. Emma really liked it, especially because she has seen me wrapping my ankle up the same way :)

After that, lessons were done. Emma wanted to swing on the horse swing some more, so Paige and I chatted while I pushed Emma. After a while, Emma got down to play on some of the other awesome outdoor toys that Paige has, and Paige and I continued to chat.

All this time, Smokey, one of the ponies, was grazing on the nice green grass. Emma decided she wanted to help feed Smokey.

Paige told Emma if she wanted to, Emma could sit on Smokey's back while the pony ate. Emma liked that idea :)

We ended up staying for a bit longer, keeping an eye on Smokey while Paige did a few chores. About an hour after our lessons ended, I figured Emma and I should probably be getting out of Paige's hair.

Every time lesson day rolls around, Emma and I are super excited. We love the horses, we love to be learning, we love to be able to play, and we love to visit with Paige. We always leave happy and tired.

Thanks Paige, for making each trip out so wonderful!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oil and Water Experiment

On the spur of the moment the other night, Emma and I decided to experiment. We love to do experiments. This one involved the good old stand-by's; Oil and Water. We decided to add a few additional ingredients to see what would happen. Some of the other ingredients we used where: rubbing alcohol, syrup, food coloring, and vinegar.

We learned that the rubbing alcohol makes the liquid cloudy, and that the vinegar makes lots of bubbles. The food colors, when added to just the oil, stay in their own individual little drops, but if you add water and shake it up, the colors will mix.

So much fun, and already planning to do it again. Even picked up a large container of the cheapest oil at the grocery store:) But I forgot to pick up more food coloring:( I read somewhere that if you add a piece of an alka-seltzer tablet, you can make your very own lava lamp, so that will also be on the next shopping list.

If you want to see a few more photos of this experiment, feel free to check out our flicker photos.

Conversations with Emma - Fabulouso

A little background: Emma watches a cartoon called Horseland. One episode has a fancy designer trying to get the kids to wear very unsafe riding gear. The designer describes everything as fabulouso. One of the kids comments that the clothes are fabu-soso.

Scene: It is 2 something a.m. Jared and I are finally going to bed (darn computers to surf). Emma was in my spot so I moved her over.

Me: "Does the clock really say 2am?"

Jared: "Yup."

Me: "Fabulous." (Said with heavy sarcasm)

Emma (who is asleep): "No, its fabulouso."

Me and Jared: "What?"

Emma: "It is fabulouso."

Then of course Jared and I start laughing because she is talking to us in her sleep...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Post Cards for Emma (and me)... And Some Random Photos

I just signed Emma up to receive post cards through We will send out our first 5 post cards by this weekend. We are really excited to get some post cards back!!

Onto some random photos...

Emma riding the lawn mower with Boppa.

Emma decided that she wanted to use her ketchup and mustard to paint her napkin the other night. Why not.

Emma not only gets her self dressed, she also does her own hair :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Emma's Haircut

Emma decided she was tired of the braids so we cut her hair last night. We have a few spots to fix, but that can wait till the next bath.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Conversations with Emma - Garbage

As Emma and I were getting out of the car on Wednesday:

M - "Tomorrow is garbage day."

After a seconds pause;

E - "Mama what does 'bitch' mean?"

After staring at her in surprise for a second, and taking a deep breath,

M - "Where did you hear that word?"

E - "You said it." (this was said with a little "duh" tone to it).

M - "When did I say that?"

E - "You just said that tomorrow is 'car bitch day.'"

M - (while chuckling) "Oh! I said that tomorrow is GAR-BAGE day." Then I pointed at the trash can.

E - "Oh, ok."