Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Emma's First Horse Lesson

Emma and I are taking 'Momma and Me' horse lessons at Wheeler Boarding. We love Paige, the owner. She is great with kids, adults, horses, dogs, etc. She is just a great person.

Anyway, the lessons are great. The purpose of the lessons are to teach kids and parents about becomeing horse people; How to properly groom, feed, handle, care for, and ride your horse.

Yes, Emma is only 4, but she LOVES horses and has a great ability to pay attention if the subject is interesting enough. We are in class with one other girl, who is 4 1/2.

This past Thursday was our first lesson. Emma and I are in charge of Willy, the Shetland Pony.

The first thing Paige taught the girls was the safety rules. The entire rest of the day, Emma told everyone that it is not safe to walk under or behind a horse.

The next phase was grooming. Paige taught us about the different brushes used, and what order to use them in. We also got to use the hoof pick to clean Willy's hooves. That was Emma's favorite.

We actually spent about 45 minutes on grooming and safety. Then the kids took a break and it was time for leading and riding (and playing in the hay bales).

The moms started out leading the horses around the barn, then it was the girls turn. Emma did a pretty good job, but she walks pretty slow so Willy kept stopping. It was finally time to ride.

Emma always gets a HUGE grin on her face when she gets on a horse. For the first lesson we mostly just led the horses while the girls practiced sitting tall. Emma was really great at holding the saddle horn as well as the reins. She even knew to pull on the reins when Willy tried to put his head down.

I know it may not sound like much, but Emma and I had a blast and we are really looking forward to the rest of the lessons (there are 5 more).

Oh, one more reason we love Paige so much? Starting next week I will be on crutches for the rest of the lessons. Paige has offered to work with Emma so she can still get her lessons in.

Thank you Paige. You rock.

So, here are the pics from the first lesson. Have a great day!!!

I almost forgot to tell you about the recycled tire horse swing at the stable. Some days I am not sure if Emma likes the real horses or the horse swing better :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Goofing Around

Nothing major to talk about, just wanted to share some fun and goofy pictures that I took after I finished braiding Emma's hair.


(if you click on the picture, it will get bigger)

Hope you had a great day!

Oh, and Emma and I made homemade dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent today. Both were supre simple, and we are on our second load of laundry using the new stuff. So far, so good :)
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snow and Surgery

I just wanted to say that after a beautiful week with 60 degree days, did we really need to spend our Friday looking at this ?

And just a quick update. I will be having surgery on my ankle on the 5th of April. I broke it back in 2001, and I have been having problems with it ever since. They did an MRI and discovered a "pot hole" (Dr.'s words) in my bone. So, on the 5th, they will be putting faux bone (my words) in there to fix it. I will be on crutches for about 3 weeks.

That's about it for now. I am up way past my bedtime (not really all that new as of late), and I have a long drive tomorrow :(

Good night, have a great day!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

My One Kid Band

Emma decided today that the family room (where 90% of her toys are), needed to be organized. So, after breakfast we got to work. Thankfully she didn't require a complete over haul, just a bit of moving things around and putting things on shelves.

We rediscovered some fun toys we had forgotten we had. In fact, we found all of her music stuff, and the little bit of dress up stuff that she actually uses (not much into wearing different outfits, playing princess, etc.). But give that kid a few musical instruments...

I had been enjoying Emma's music all morning (from rooms away). Eventually she decided to wander into the studio. I didn't have the camera ready at that time, but she looked cool! She had her drum and kazoo, but I think that was it. I admired her, listened to her little solo band act, then she went back to the family room.

A few minutes later she was back, and I was ready. She had added a rain stick to the inside of her drum, some fun gloves, and a necklace. She then decided to show me exactly how she got dressed up, and how she got her instruments ready. I had noticed that she had added a rain stick to the drum. Interesting.

Then she shook her little butt to make the rain stick rattle. Such a genius.

Conversations with Jared

Me - Picking up Emma's plastic cup at Applebee's tonight, looking at the bottom.

Jared - "Is it #6 plastic?"

Me - Big Grin "You know me so well!"

I have been in search of #6 plastic lately because I have been wanting to try to make my own recycled shrink art. Here is where I got the idea.

Still haven't found any #6 plastic, but Jared proved to me tonight that he does sometime listen to my ramblings about crafting :)

p.s. I do plan to write an actual post soon. I have been trying to cut down on my computer time, and increase my Emma time. Next week Emma will be at Gramma's, so I will have more time to post about the few things that are going on here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

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Conversations with Emma

E- "Mama, can you make sure Icky (our dog) doesn't come in here (our studio)."

M- "I can try."

E- "Well, if he starts to come in here say, 'ICKY," like mysteriously."

M- "Mysteriously huh?"

E- "Yes, mysteriously."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Conversations with Emma - Paleontologist

Emma- "When I was stretching, my bones clicked just like yours do when your stretch your hands." (I crack my knuckles)

Me- " Oh yeah, which bones?"

Emma (no pause, no thought)- "I don't know, I am not a paleontologist. If I was a paleontologist, I would know about bones."

So true.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Resource List for Unschooling and Homeschooling

I love how things in life seem to be connected.

I met a bunch of new people and found a bunch of cool new blogs through the One World One Heart giveaway (which was the point). I like to go back and look at some of them regularly. One that I check out every couple of days is, Life the Good and the Bad. She was one of the winners of my giveaway.

Anyway, I was checking out her site the other day and read her post about her frustration with the school her kids are in and that she is thinking of homeschooling her gang. Jared and I decided last year that we will be homeschooling Emma, so I offered to send Arya some of the info I had collected over the last year. Then I realized, it might just be easier to blog about it that way I have an easy reference point for myself as well (instead of resources scattered all over the place).

I don't have a lot of resources, and most of the ones I do have are Iowa or military specific (we live in Iowa now and once Jared is done school, he will be going back into the Air Force). However, most of the links and such that I have are a great place to start, and have links for more information.

Ok, enough rambling. Here is what I have, broken down loosely into categories.

General Info, Laws, and Regualtions:
Iowa Home Educators
National Home Education Research Institute
Homeschooling in Iowa
World Book Curriculum Standards
Home School Legal Defense Association
Military Child
Home Ed Magazine
Family Unschoolers Network
Unschooling America

`Homeschooling and the voyage of self-discovery : a journey of original seeking / David H. Albert.

`Homeschooling for dummies / by Jennifer Kaufeld. (I love all of the 'for dummies' books)

*Your local library is a great place to review books about homeschooling before you buy them. What I like to do is search the library's online catalog for any books related to my current interest, then reserve all the ones that look interesting. Once the library lets me know my books are on hold, I head into the library, pick up the books from the hold bin, then sit in a comfy chair and browse through them. I only take home the books that look useful after a quick glance.

Supplies, curriculum, etc.
Scholastic *edited 27May11* I was able to get set up as a teacher, I just needed to call. It qualifies me to purchase books through the scholastic book clubs as well as some other great resources.
My Home School Education
Waldorf Earthschooling
Living Math (edited 3-3-10)

Blogs, Articles, and Random Links:
Relaxed Home Skool Blog Talk Radio
Typical Unschooling Days
Enjoy Life Unschooling
Tossed By The Fates
Homeschooling is Freedom
Psychology Today: Children Teach Themselves to Read (edited 3-3-10)
List of Home/unschooling Blogs
Unschoolers are Lazy (edited 3-8-2010)
The Path Less Taken (edited 5-27-11)
Ordinary Life Magic (edited 5-27-11)
From My House on T (edited 5-27-11)
Filth Wizardy (Edited 5-27-11)

Influential People in home/unschooling
Sandra Dodd
John Holt

Other places to look for info are:
`Your local school district. Many offer help to families who home school, or are able to point you in the right direction.

`Yahoo- Search for a message group for your local area.

`Your local library may also be able to help you out.

I will continually update this page as I find new info that I like.

A disclaimer: I do not advocate for any particular site, book, group, etc., these are just sites I have found useful or have marked for further reading.

Good luck!
p.s. If you know of any good sites, books, etc, feel free to leave me a comment! I love comments!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Crafty Giveaway and Work-in-Progress

Just a quick note to let you know that I am giving away some of my handmade creations on my crafty blog, KaoticKrafter. Pop on by and leave me a comment for a chance to win some cool stuff!

I will be working on making a list of unschooling and homeschooling resources this week. I hope to have everything gathered and ready to post by this weekend.

Thanks for reading!