Friday, April 2, 2010

Conversations with Emma - Garbage

As Emma and I were getting out of the car on Wednesday:

M - "Tomorrow is garbage day."

After a seconds pause;

E - "Mama what does 'bitch' mean?"

After staring at her in surprise for a second, and taking a deep breath,

M - "Where did you hear that word?"

E - "You said it." (this was said with a little "duh" tone to it).

M - "When did I say that?"

E - "You just said that tomorrow is 'car bitch day.'"

M - (while chuckling) "Oh! I said that tomorrow is GAR-BAGE day." Then I pointed at the trash can.

E - "Oh, ok."



  1. HA! That is too funny! You avoided that one nicely, though, I must say! LOL!

  2. WHEW is right... until next time curse words!!!!

  3. Yeah, I am getting pretty good at letting them slide.

    Yvonne, remember the rhyming game on the way back from riding horses? I said "Cat" and Emma rhymed it with "Scat".

    Seeing as Emma and I play the rhyming game just about everyday, and her 2 favorite letters to start new words with are "F" and "B" things can get pretty interesting. Especially because she will ask me, "Is that a word?" or "What does that word mean?"

    The good times never end :)


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