Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My Resource List for Unschooling and Homeschooling

I love how things in life seem to be connected.

I met a bunch of new people and found a bunch of cool new blogs through the One World One Heart giveaway (which was the point). I like to go back and look at some of them regularly. One that I check out every couple of days is, Life the Good and the Bad. She was one of the winners of my giveaway.

Anyway, I was checking out her site the other day and read her post about her frustration with the school her kids are in and that she is thinking of homeschooling her gang. Jared and I decided last year that we will be homeschooling Emma, so I offered to send Arya some of the info I had collected over the last year. Then I realized, it might just be easier to blog about it that way I have an easy reference point for myself as well (instead of resources scattered all over the place).

I don't have a lot of resources, and most of the ones I do have are Iowa or military specific (we live in Iowa now and once Jared is done school, he will be going back into the Air Force). However, most of the links and such that I have are a great place to start, and have links for more information.

Ok, enough rambling. Here is what I have, broken down loosely into categories.

General Info, Laws, and Regualtions:
Iowa Home Educators
National Home Education Research Institute
Homeschooling in Iowa
World Book Curriculum Standards
Home School Legal Defense Association
Military Child
Home Ed Magazine
Family Unschoolers Network
Unschooling America

`Homeschooling and the voyage of self-discovery : a journey of original seeking / David H. Albert.

`Homeschooling for dummies / by Jennifer Kaufeld. (I love all of the 'for dummies' books)

*Your local library is a great place to review books about homeschooling before you buy them. What I like to do is search the library's online catalog for any books related to my current interest, then reserve all the ones that look interesting. Once the library lets me know my books are on hold, I head into the library, pick up the books from the hold bin, then sit in a comfy chair and browse through them. I only take home the books that look useful after a quick glance.

Supplies, curriculum, etc.
Scholastic *edited 27May11* I was able to get set up as a teacher, I just needed to call. It qualifies me to purchase books through the scholastic book clubs as well as some other great resources.
My Home School Education
Waldorf Earthschooling
Living Math (edited 3-3-10)

Blogs, Articles, and Random Links:
Relaxed Home Skool Blog Talk Radio
Typical Unschooling Days
Enjoy Life Unschooling
Tossed By The Fates
Homeschooling is Freedom
Psychology Today: Children Teach Themselves to Read (edited 3-3-10)
List of Home/unschooling Blogs
Unschoolers are Lazy (edited 3-8-2010)
The Path Less Taken (edited 5-27-11)
Ordinary Life Magic (edited 5-27-11)
From My House on T (edited 5-27-11)
Filth Wizardy (Edited 5-27-11)

Influential People in home/unschooling
Sandra Dodd
John Holt

Other places to look for info are:
`Your local school district. Many offer help to families who home school, or are able to point you in the right direction.

`Yahoo- Search for a message group for your local area.

`Your local library may also be able to help you out.

I will continually update this page as I find new info that I like.

A disclaimer: I do not advocate for any particular site, book, group, etc., these are just sites I have found useful or have marked for further reading.

Good luck!
p.s. If you know of any good sites, books, etc, feel free to leave me a comment! I love comments!


  1. I love this...Thank you for sharing your finds with us! I am oogling them and browsing them like a crazy woman! lol


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