Friday, March 12, 2010

My One Kid Band

Emma decided today that the family room (where 90% of her toys are), needed to be organized. So, after breakfast we got to work. Thankfully she didn't require a complete over haul, just a bit of moving things around and putting things on shelves.

We rediscovered some fun toys we had forgotten we had. In fact, we found all of her music stuff, and the little bit of dress up stuff that she actually uses (not much into wearing different outfits, playing princess, etc.). But give that kid a few musical instruments...

I had been enjoying Emma's music all morning (from rooms away). Eventually she decided to wander into the studio. I didn't have the camera ready at that time, but she looked cool! She had her drum and kazoo, but I think that was it. I admired her, listened to her little solo band act, then she went back to the family room.

A few minutes later she was back, and I was ready. She had added a rain stick to the inside of her drum, some fun gloves, and a necklace. She then decided to show me exactly how she got dressed up, and how she got her instruments ready. I had noticed that she had added a rain stick to the drum. Interesting.

Then she shook her little butt to make the rain stick rattle. Such a genius.

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