Friday, January 29, 2010

Quick Update

I have been having fun with my new found craft; Felting!

In anticipation of all the things I want to make, I ordered some sweaters from Kris at Resweater. If I get them before I leave for AZ, I might just have to find room in my suitcase for one or two:0)

Anyway, here are the fun things that we (yes, Emma was busy creating also, I love it!) created today.

Felted Flowers were first on the list.

While I was busy making flowers, here is what Emma created. She decided her rocking horse needed a headband and some earrings.

I went for flower number four and it wasn't working for me, so I decided to take a break instead of force something that I wouldn't end up liking. Here is what I made instead of a flower.

Then it was time for Emma and I to head to the library to meet with some friends. After a fun hour, it was off to hang out with Landon while his mom and dad where at work.

We got home about 5:00pm and Emma was hungry. Mac and Cheese was cooked and consumed, then we decided to make some cookies, brownies, and bread dough. Here is the mess, and cookies we created.

Icky kept sticking his nose up to the table to see what was going on, so I decided to sprinkle him with a bit of flower. Emma declared him a speckled dog.

After cleaning up most of the mess, and eating a few cookies, it was back to the studio. My feet where cold and I had a pattern for felted slippers. Not wanting to waste a lot of my felt, I thought it might be a good idea to start with a pair of slippers for Emma. Littler feet, less waste if I don't like them. Well, I love them and wish I had stared with my pair because my feet are still cold, but I am to tired to make anything else tonight. Also, I may not have enough left to make a pair for me tomorrow. Here are the slippers.

So, now its off to bed where I hope to fall right to sleep, but I will most likely lay there for an hour or more thinking about all the things I want to make tomorrow.

p.s. I am really tired, so I will reread all of this tomorrow and fix anything that doesn't make sense, I was just really excited to share our projects with you!


  1. I love those slippers! Is the pattern online? Great job on the flowers too!

  2. Thanks! I got the pattern for the slippers from the book "Sewing Green" by Betz White. It looks like the same concept as the Martha Stewart pattern I saw on the Art_Felt message board.

  3. Love those slippers! Two christmases ago I bought wool sweaters from thrift stores and made slippers for EVERYONE! The least expensive xmas on record!


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