Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost 4

In just 9 days, my baby will be 4. Where has the time gone!?! It seems like every time I blink, she is a year older. Already she does more for herself, and needs me less then I thought was normal for an almost 4 year old.

She makes her own oatmeal, pours her own cereal, gets her own milk or juice; she can even make her own PB&J if she really wants one and I don't really feel like making it (yes, sometimes I am a horrible mom).

And, she does know everything already, she told me so just the other day.

She can get dressed on her own, she can take a shower mostly without help, she can brush, floss (sorta), and swish on her own.

She can turn the T.V. on and knows that PBS is on channel 11. She knows how to get to channel 11.

She can navigate the website on her own.

Oh, I know she still needs me. She can't make her own Alfredo yet, she still needs help with buttons and zippers, and she can't drive yet, so is dependent on me to take her places.

But it seems that before I know it, she won't need me at all.

Until then I will remind myself to enjoy the now; enjoy the being needed.

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