Friday, December 25, 2009

Busy Little Crafter

Emma and I have indeed been busy little crafters. Last week we made lots of ornaments. We used clear ornaments and filled them with ... stuff. We had a BLAST making them.

We also made some ornaments out of yarn that I forgot to take pictures of. We soaked the yarn in glue, wrapped them around little balloons then let them dry. They came out awesome, and we gave a bunch out as gifts.

I have also been busy making little brag books and cards. You can check out what I have been making at my Etsy Shop.
Here are a few pics to temp you.

Well, that's about it for now. I look forward to making more crafty and green items in the near future!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Productive Weekend

This weekend has been a good one. Saturday, Emma and I hosted a cookie making party. Whats better then having friends over to spend the day with? Having lots of delicious cookies to eat with them! We made chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and sugar cookies. We also made white chocolate covered pretzels (my favorite and now that I know they are so easy, we will be making them often).

The kids had a blast playing together, nibbling pretzels and mac and cheese, and frosting cookies. Everyone left happy, but tired.

The rest of Saturday, Emma and I sort of just vegged.

Today, I crocheted a little turtle out of left overs and recycled yarn. He is cute. Every time I look at him, he makes me think of the song "Speed Turtle" by Sandra Boynton

Anyway, here are a few pictures of Dash (the turtle) and Bits the Bunny.

I tend not to be very good at following patterns/ directions. I sat down a few days ago and decided to make a bunny out of my 'bits' of left over yarn. I started to follow the directions, then decided to just wing it. Bits the Bunny turned out well. Then today, I ran out of yarn for the blanket I am currently working on, but wasn't done crocheting, so I decided to use some recycled yarn and some left over yarn to make a turtle. I didn't even bother to look up the directions. I just did what I do best, I decided to wing it. I think he turned out just fine :)

As if that wasn't enough, Emma wanted me to play with her. I am not the best at kids playing, I have no idea why, but I just am not. She didn't have anything particular in mind, so I suggested we do some arts and crafts type stuff in our new studio (a story for another day). So, we decided to make some Holiday Ornaments. We made two different types.

Yarn Nest Ornaments- We blew up some water balloons, soaked some left over yarn in glue, then wrapped the yarn around the balloons. I am excited to see how they turn out after we pop the balloons tomorrow.

Tree Decorations- Last year my Mother-in-Law bought some clear tree ornaments at the end of the season last year. Emma and I decided to decorate them. Some of them we filled with assorted beads and glitter, some we dumped (poured) paint into them and swirled it around, one we poured glue into it and added beads, and a few we just shoved some yarn into them. Two we did a little cray experimenting with, we added beads, sea salt, and flour. The didn't turn out exactly how I had envisioned, but they look cool.

Well, it is WAY past my bedtime, so I am off to bed. I am excited to see what tomorrow brings!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Almost 4

In just 9 days, my baby will be 4. Where has the time gone!?! It seems like every time I blink, she is a year older. Already she does more for herself, and needs me less then I thought was normal for an almost 4 year old.

She makes her own oatmeal, pours her own cereal, gets her own milk or juice; she can even make her own PB&J if she really wants one and I don't really feel like making it (yes, sometimes I am a horrible mom).

And, she does know everything already, she told me so just the other day.

She can get dressed on her own, she can take a shower mostly without help, she can brush, floss (sorta), and swish on her own.

She can turn the T.V. on and knows that PBS is on channel 11. She knows how to get to channel 11.

She can navigate the website on her own.

Oh, I know she still needs me. She can't make her own Alfredo yet, she still needs help with buttons and zippers, and she can't drive yet, so is dependent on me to take her places.

But it seems that before I know it, she won't need me at all.

Until then I will remind myself to enjoy the now; enjoy the being needed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My Latest Dream Home

I must have been a gypsy in another life; I am already dreaming about our next home. The funny thing is, it is not your typical "home". As I have been researching info for unschooling Emma, I have run across a group of families who also like to travel. They live in RV's, 5th wheels, travel trailers, old buses; you name it, if it moves, they live in it.

I think living that way would be really cool and highly educational. What better way to learn about geography, history, math, organization, navigation, teamwork, and different cultures just to name a few?

Also, with our family spread all across the US, it makes sense. Missing Gramma and Boppa? Pull up stakes and hit the road. Big celebration planned at Auntie Amber's? Don't start the party without us! No packing and little planning as the house goes with us!

Emma and I will test the waters when Jared is back on active duty. While he is deployed, Emma and I will travel between NH, IA, and AZ. We will most likely take the long way.

I can hear the cry already of "How will Emma get her socialization?!?"

Well, everywhere we go there will be people. There will be times we will be staying for more then a few days in one place and if she wants to, she can attend classes for anything from archery to zoology (some zoos offer day classes or overnight adventures for kids interested in that sort of thing). As far as keeping in touch with friends, there will be plenty of time for writing letters and drawing pictures while our house is on the move. Also, with the wide availability of free wi-fi, we can skype, e-mail, blog, facebook, snapfish, etc. with anyone we choose.

So what will our adventure home be? While Jared is active duty, we will most likely look for a smaller RV so that I can manage without needing another adult. Once Jared has retired, this is what I want:

It is called an EarthRoamer XV-LT. It... is so incredibly cool! I know you think I am crazy, but we have been thinking about it for a while and we have a while before we will do anything with it so I could change my mind...

But don't hold your breath.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Today, I frogged my first sweater! I purposely picked one that was cheaply made so that if i screwed it up, I would not have to get upset with myself. I got a bunch of small pieces that I plan to use for stuffing toys and such. I did manage to get a bunch of long strands of yarn. Some I will use to make a doll, the rest I tied together and plan to make something with it, I have no idea what yet, but as the sweater was given to me, I am not out any money, just time.

I have a few more sweaters to frog, and I look forward to the challenge and being green!

Oh, I ment to take pictures of the sweater before hand, but I forgot. I will try to remember for the next one.

My New Toy!

So on Saturday, we decided to live on the edge and venture out to the stores (the day after Black Friday). We had nothing particular we needed to buy, we were just curious what the stores were offering.

We ended up at Best Buy, Jared's favorite store. I think this was the third time we had been there in about 2 weeks. Jared got something last time, so I guess it was my turn.

I have been wanting a MP3 player for a while. As much as I like Emma's music and can tolerate Jared's music, I longed to listen to music of my choice. I had been looking for a while, but I have a hard time buying stuff that is just for me, so I kept putting it off. On this trip to Best Buy, the MP3 players we marked way down. Jared talked me into getting one, though he really didn't have to twist my arm all that much. I got a Sansa Fuze, it was $40 off I think. It took me a while to figure out how to get music onto it, but I managed. I also discovered this little time saver called slotRadio ( where I can buy a memory card preloaded with 1,000 songs. Its pretty cool, I am excited to get them in the mail!

I am suppose to be using my MP3 player to motivate myself to exercise, but I apparently have a motivation deficiency. Oh well, if only there was a vitamin available for that!