Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Man I love being green! It fills my cheap heart with pride when I take something I should have thrown away last year and turn it into something functional and not to shabby looking.

Every so often I get into this rearrange/ organize kick. Actually if you were to ask Jared, its more like a weekly occurrence. Anyway, I decided that Emma's books needed to be organized better. We had already started sorting them into bins so Emma would have an easier time browsing for a book to read. That was a good idea on my part because her book collection doubled after Thanksgiving. (Gramma use to teach 3rd grade, so she has her own personal library that she is trying to get rid of, lucky for us!). Not being very good at the reduce part I also bought Emma a bunch of horse and dinosaur books for her birthday...

So, onto the reuse and recycle part.

Last December (I think it was December), my sister-in-law, Sara, and I tore down my kitchen cabinets. I have no idea how old they were, but they were pretty useless the way the shelves had been set up.

The only salvagable parts were the cabinet over the fridge and all the doors. They were pretty sturdy still so I knew I could use them for something. Eventually.

Over the summer I had removed the doors, sanded, and repainted the cabinet, and turned it into a "bookcase" for Emma's room. I use the term bookcase loosely because we have used it for everything from books, to stuffed animals, to bedding, to its current use... cubes of clothes. It has been very useful.

Today I was finally able to use some of the doors when I decided Emma needed some shelves for her humongo book collection. And it was easy.

"L" brackets (saved from shelves we had back in AZ...2 years ago)
Screws (from the same shelves as the "L" bracket and a few more from over the years)
Shelves (doors salvaged from kitchen cabinets).

By shear chance, I picked the perfect height so that later, if Emma wants to, she can have a desk in her room. Emma, Jared, and I are happy with the results.

All it cost me was a blood blister and a bruise. That is a price I am more then happy to pay for a (free) job well done!

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