Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Makin' Paper

So my latest obsession is making homemade paper. I have been wanting to give it a try for a few months now. Apparently Monday was the day I was waiting for because I just jumped into it in the afternoon. I had tons of paper laying around waiting for me to figure out a way to reuse it (my town does not recycle), so I figured, "Why not?"
I also have a lot of Emma's art projects that we don't really need to keep anymore. For example; Emma went through a sun phase. She loved to draw suns. We had about 10 pieces of paper with a big circle and lines coming out of the circle. Very cute and fun to remember, so I kept 2 or 3 and we made new paper out of the rest.
We started with plain white paper. That was a little boring so we added purple glitter. Much cooler. Then we added in purple, orange, and green construction paper, Emma's favorite colors. Those also came out really neat. The colored paper was not blended as much as the white so you can see flecks or squares of the colors.
We decided it needed to be spiced up a bit more so we added vanilla extract and cinnamon to the water. You could actually smell the vanilla and cinnamon. Until we used a Sharpie marker to write Gramma a note. Then all we could smell was marker. A good lesson learned.
Our next batch was shredded bills and such. That was neat to see also because the paper ended up being a little gray with noticeable letters poking through here and there. I had also cut up some scrap photos, just to see what it would do. The photos don't really blend like the rest of the paper, so the really stuck out, but I got some really neat results with that and some cool ideas for things to try in the future.
Today I made paper out of pink and blue construction paper "suns." I had mopped up some spilled water yesterday using paper towels and decided that I could use those also. So I mixed the paper towels with the pink and blue construction paper and I really like the way that batch of paper came out.
The last batch of paper I made today was a mixture of yellow and brown construction paper. I thought it was going to be really ugly. When I blended the paper it looked like relish, but the paper is a really neat mustard yellow.
All in all, I think the paper came our great. We plan to use them for holiday cards, little notes to say hello, and I think I may even scrapbook with a few. It feels good to be crafty and green :)

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