Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I need a little noise...

The house is too quiet. Emma left on Monday to visit Gramma and Boppa, (Jared's parents) till Thanksgiving.

The first night Emma is gone is always a little exciting. The only teeth I have to brush are my own, I don't have to read any books I don't want to, and I know that the next morning I won't be woken up at dawn.

Then I go to bed too late and wake up at dawn anyway, wondering why I don't hear Emma's happy voice telling me good morning. I don't have anyone to eat breakfast with me (Jared leaves for school at 6:00am), I don't have anyone to talk to while I do the dishes, and I don't have anyone asking me very thought provoking questions about things that are happening on Super Why and Dinosaur Train.

At least I know Emma is having a blast.

I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish while Emma was gone; groceries, laundromat, rearrange furniture, clean, read the newest J.D. Robb book, craft, craft, and craft. With lots of appointments and babysitting, I don't feel that I have gotten as much done as I should have by now.

So far I have managed to do groceries, rearrange the living room, and craft a little. Tomorrow I have another appointment, but this one should be fun. I get to sit down with someone at Lowes and design a new kitchen. Then I have to make a Costco run. The rest of the day is for crafts... after I remember to bring Emma's books and movie back to the library and run to the post office.

I will try to enjoy the lack of responsability I have for the next however many days, but I am already thinking of all the fun things Emma and I will do when she gets home.

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